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Why I Joined Total Life Changes

Total Life Changes has completely changed my LIFE!!
I know that sounds like a cliche' so let me tell you why. I got my start in Network Marketing back in 2002 as a Full Time college student with no industry experience but with the fire of a volcano. I had great "success" and was featured in Success From Home Magazine, but because of my EGO.. 
It all came crumbling DOWN... FAST. I left the industry in 2008 and vowed to NEVER do it again.. EVER!!

You see when you have success and lose everything, you associate the loss with what you were doing, vs with who YOU were... that was my issue. I spent the next 7 years working on myself as a person, I moved from Kentucky to Virginia and started my life over WITHOUT Network Marketing. 

I was married in 2013 and EARLY 2014 everything came crashing down before my eyes... 
I was DEVASTATED!! I got married to stay married, not to get divorced!!
With divorce comes a separation of income and a slew of emotions that I thought was going to take me out.. but here came Total Life Changes. 

I was speaking to a friend of mine regarding his success in Network Marketing and asked him to help me get my life back going. He shared that he felt like I could really excel in TLC, so I joined immediately. I honestly didn't know a lot about the company, but I trusted him with my life so I did what he told me to do... and thank God I did. It took me 3 months to get moving as I was going through the divorce process, but once I was back to normal 90 days later I was earning over $10,000 a month!! Yessss... 90 DAYS LATER!!!!!!!!

Its been an absolutely amazing journey in such a SHORT period of time, but I am super excited about whats happening and about to happen with our company. 

So far since being involved in TLC I've earned right at $85,000 (I sell a lot of Retail in cash... whoop whoop) and I promised myself that by then end of 2016, I will be a documented $500,000 earner.

... and I'm looking for folks to join me...

Will you be one?

Return of the Curls 2016 - Houston, Texas

We are super excited for Return of the Curls 2016, as this year we have decided to host this major event in HOUSTON, TEXAS!!!

As you all know, I relocated here last summer and I knew I would be crazy not to host this amazing affair in the 4th largest city of the USA with over 7 million people.

This year we will host the event Friday, July 22nd, 2016 - Sunday, July 24th at the 
JW Marriott in downtown Houston. 

I am more excited about this year than all other years COMBINED!!!

I'll be sharing more details with you all as the weeks and months go by, but today I wanted to make sure that I at least announce that we are in full swing of the show and looking forward to seeing each and every one of you. 

Be sure to visit for ticket information and to subscribe to our newsletter. We are super duper excited. 

Making 2016 My Best Year EVER

Hey Everyone... Its Me Keenya Kelly...
I know its been quite a while since the last time I posted here, but believe me, I've been overwhelmingly busy breaking out of my cocoon so that I could flourish as a butterly. 
Well let me tell you what all I have been working on. As you know I went to college and obtained a degree in Communication with the ultimate goal be able to flourish as an Entrepreneur. Over the years due to the need to pay rent, utilities and eat 3 meals a day I went back into the workforce. I didn't put my entrepreneurial endeavors on hold or anything, but now devoting 40 hours per week to a job and all of the travel time and energy needed to perform well, my creativity and energy weren't where they needed to be. After moving to Houston, Texas this summer and taking time away from the WORLD to regroup and gain my footing in a new environment I'm back at it and with a vengeance. 

Some days I feel like I am the dude in the matrix with all of my amazing super powers due to all of the creativity bursting out of my and ability to execute... but one thing I realized is this: 

I had been going and going for years and was literally one step away from a break down.. LITERALLY, but praise God for the holy spirit giving me insight and obedience to slow down.. now I am back at it. I added one thing though.. I take ONE DAY a week and do NOTHING!!! Im determined not to get to that point again, so I give myself rest weekly. 

Now onto 2016...

With everything I've been working on in 2015, it has surely set me up for an amazing 2016. I have built so many of my business endeavors without the proper planning and infrastructure, but praises to God, I have begun building all different types of systems. From email marketing systems, to automated social media posts to courses online... this year so many things will be seamless all because of the systems that I took the time out to set up. 

Even with my Network Marketing business. I took a LONG time having a training website built with video content so that my team would have easy access to what they need to build global organizations. 

I realized over the last year that systems not only make life easier for everyone, but it also frees up your time to do what you love to do....

and if you didn't know by now I LOVE MARKETING!!!

This year I am determined to speak on major stages teaching companies big and small how to properly market you and your business.. but in order for me to have the time to do so, I needed to create systems... 

I've created my blueprint for my financial goals as well as igniting the systems needed to make this happen automatically......

Stay Tuned.... I am going to share more of this with you over the next few weeks.

Finding A Church

It's been 2 weeks since I  left Richmond for Houston, and while its been fun shopping for new furniture and learning how to decorate (decorating is not my thing), I must say its been a little exhausting. My whole life I've always been in church, every Sunday, even if I was acting a fool Saturday night. I knew finding a church home would be an adventure because I don't really know anyone here and those that I do know here, probably wouldn't attend the same kind of church that I prefer. Upon my arrival, I started asking Facebook ":Whats a good multi-cultural church in Houston?"
A few times I referred to Lakewood, which is Joel Osteens church and a few people referred me to Bishop I.V. Hillards church, but without going to them, I KNEW that wasn't the church for me. Not because there is anything wrong with them, but I usually have a KNOWING when its my church.

I went to one the Sunday I arrived and while everyone was super duper sweet, it wasn't my church either. This past Sunday I laid in bed and just had a conversation with God.
I said God, I'm not visiting any more churches until you tell me where to go. You are God and I trust you. So I laid around for a few hours then saw an advertisement for an event on Facebook that was going to be taking place in Dallas... it caught my eye because that was absolutely the kind of church experience I was looking for.

I sent a private message to the girl that was tagged in the flyer, but she shared that she had no idea about Houston... of which I understood. I went onto the website of the conference, their facebook page and then took to twitter. I sent a tweet to the most recent person that was on their page and within minutes she responded. She gave me her recommendation for a church and tagged the first lady as well. I thanked her and went onto that church's website and that's when it happened. The holy spirit HIT ME and said this is the church. I read a bunch of stuff on the website and started live streaming the service.

A minister gets up and starts talking about God and the Holy Spirit and honestly, all I could do was weep. I mean weeping on my couch while watching the service from my iPhone... amazing stuff huh?

Well I said OK God Ill go to the next event they have which is bible study this week.

But then something else happened... I didn't pack a lunch today, because I still haven't purchased Tupperware yet, so I look in my apps to help me find a cost efficient place to eat. I head out in the direction of the restaurant when my GPS tells me to turn on THIS street... moments later I look to my left and what do I See... THAT CHURCH!!! I couldn't passed out while driving man... ya know. I couldn't  believe it!! God was not only confirming my moving to Houston again, but where I am to go as a place of worship!!

I decided to grab my lunch and drive back to the church to eat. I sat there for about 25 minutes and after eating, all I could do was weep. Not because I was sad per se, but there's no greater feeling than to be EXACTLY where God wants you to be WHEN he wants you to be there.

You guys have no idea... the TIMING of moving to Houston was NOT what I wanted. NOT AT ALL!

I wouldn't have be bothered about moving him in a  year or so, but NOW!!!!! Honestly, I'm still a little bothered, but I'm an obedient child and God knows best. You guys will catch the rest of that stuff in one of the books coming out. LOL

But yea, I just sat there and cried. Grateful that I not only hear God, that I obey God, but that he has me right where he wants me. And even though I don't understand what's going on.... he has me right where he wants me and there is great comfort in that.

Praise God....

The 11's Continue...

Thank you everyone for your kind words and encouragement regarding my move to Houston, Texas. I am still adjusting to it all spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally, but I'm certain I'll be just find the the months to come... but it's definitely been QUITE the adjustment.... but Jesus is here. Lol.

So, I wanted to update you all on something amazing that happened yesterday, with the 11's of course. For those of you that do not know, I work for Sprint on the corporate business side, and my job is to reach out to companies to get them to switch to Sprint products. Now, Sprint is more than just tablets and phones, we have solutions that track vehicles for companies and a bunch of other stuff. Well, I started back to work  on Monday, and since its the end of the month I figured I wouldn't hit me goal of activating 25 unites, because with transferring and moving there was no way possible, but I figured I could get a jump start on August sales. Monday and Tuesday I spent the day on the phone making calls trying to reach out to people, but Wednesday I decided to ask my co-worker if I could ride along with her and visit businesses in between her appointments.

Well as soon as we got in the car, she began asking questions about me, where I'm from and of course I talked about God and she began recommending churches to me. She of course, tried not to be nosey when asking questions, but I'm fully aware that every opportunity is a chance to minister to someone, so I shared my relationship with God with her... shes a christian but 22 years old.

After her appointment, she looked up companies we could visit and she started driving to the company she looked up. We pull up to the door, and she begins pulling out folders of papers and trinkets to leave behind and I said, well when I go on a 1st call I just come in with my business card, with the intent of getting the contact persons name and number.... so she said OK you go ahead and show  me...
so I said OK I will. We walk in I ask for the contact persons info, and they give me her name and number on a sticky note and I leave my VIRGINIA card with the VA phone number, because I haven't received my Texas cards yet. We leave and hit up more businesses then IT HAPPENED... we start walking towards this office building that I saw from the street that I wanted to hit up and then I saw it 1111. I didn't say anything to my co-worker, but I smiled and just said welp there it is. I get another contact and then we go into their cafeteria to have lunch. As we wait in line, my phone rings a Texas number, of which I thought was Ikea about my office, but it was the lady from the first business I walked into.... THUG She asks me if I'm still nearby and if I could come back or if she could come to my office.... now THIS NEVER HAPPENS!!! No one calls you back THAT FAST and requests you to return... LIKE EVER!!! I thought I was gonna faint and my co-worker was in SHOCK. I told her we could return within the hour, heck it was lunch time and I was

I sat down with my co-worker and she was like what in the world just happened. We were both in shock, but I knew it was time for me to tell her the story of the 11's. I even told her about 1111 on the doors on the way to us getting lunch and on the way out she about fainted seeing it, because she hadn't noticed it before.

We head back to the business and when we pull up I see 2 things: 1. Griffin as a name plate on the door, which is my last name and 2. The number 11. Once we got out of the car, I told my co worker to look and when she saw my name is 11, you would've thought she saw a ghost.

Well we take the appointment and this lady is ready to purchase TODAY. Her company is in need of some vehicle tracking TODAY and she was ready to buy. She shares that they operate in 5 cities and each city would yield me about 40 units of sale, which is about $10,000 in commission in EACH CITY!!!!! I was absolutely blown away and my poor co-worker didn't know what to say. We set the appointment for today at 1:30pm cst and look forward to closing the sale today as well.

The best part about this entire experience is my co-worker began asking me questions about my faith, relationship with God and things that I believe in. She asked me my take on music, why old people say she shouldn't listen to "the devils music" like Beyonce when"all she wants to do is jam." Well, I laughed and I said well, sometimes people are too deep for shallow water, they mean well, but they need to be a little more basic when talking to you and not super deep. I explained how satan is a fallen angel and was the minister of music, before I could even finish my sentence she hit me and said OMG I GET IT NOW!!! OMG!!! And that was the end of that... she was so blown away by my simplicity and commitment to God, but I shared with her.. its not easy to obey and to not do certain things, and I'm not 100% on it at all times, but how I am willing.

It was sooo amazing chatting with her and I know more will happen today...

But back to this $10,000 in commission... AMAZING RIGHT!!!!

It was an amazing reminder that I am at the right place, at the right time, IN GOD!!!

Stay Tuned... I'm sure there will be more.

Apartment 1111

I'm sitting in my new apartment in Texas on the floor as I write this post, the only piece of furniture I have is an air mattress I purchased from Walmart upon my arrival Tuesday. My kitty Maui lays on the carpet rolling around apparently joyful, as the carpet beneath her seems to be cozier than the one from our last apartment.

I thought about waiting to post this for a couple of weeks, but as I unloaded my boxes of books I felt compelled to stop and write. In the post I want to tell you about the significance and awesomeness of God in apartment 1111.

So, late last year God said something to me, "Everything new and nothing old," of which I thought he was referring to my old apartment. I started buying new pieces and even hired an interior designer to assist me when I had the uneasiness in my spirit to stop. I sent a few text messages to close friends asking for prayer, because I didn't understand what was going on and that God was telling me I'm moving. Most of my friends were like no Keenya, you're being emotional... I calmly said if you're my friend you won't give me your opinions but you'll pray so that I can hear GOD!!!! Shortly after I knew I was going to be moving, not down the street but to a new state.... Of which I was not very happy about. Not because new beginnings aren't great, but because I knew it was going to require a greater level of faith than EVER and I was going to have to against the grain of family, friends, the stupid devil and my own mind.

But because I love and trust God I started my search. My first thought was Chicago, I absolutely adore that place but I hate winter!!!! I adore snow, but being that I have a sales job, I'm always on the road and I hate unpredictable weather conditions. My next thought was Atlanta, my beautiful friend Joi is there along with countless other people I absolutely adore, but something kept saying Houston....  And to be honest with you I was like awwwww heck no Jesus..... Like that old commercial "uh eh my brother you've got to get your own." I did NOT want to move to Texas.... DID  NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

I ended up in Houston in February for a conference and as soon as I hit the highway with my rental car the Holy Spirit HIT ME!!!! When I say it hit me, I mean that when God is talking to me at times I feel really strong electric shocks. It causes me to jerk at times, and sometimes go whoa Jesus verbally out loud... So as I drove I believe I was hit 3-4 times, but I wasn't trying to hear him though. Lol!! I mean I love God but I have an attitude that he's working on.. Lol.

Throughout the weekend as I drove in Houston, my creativity was on level 1000 and I couldn't turn it off and didn't want to, but I still didn't want to move there. Of course, because I'm an obedient child I said God if that's the plan I need a lot of confirmations.  Well over the next couple of months God was healing and delivering me from the past while also trying to show me how he loves me. Everyday or every couple of days I would see the numbers 111 or 1111, of which I didn't understand and I thought it was just coincidental. One day I saw it about 30 times and that freaked me out to the point where I was crying like a baby driving down the road because I thought the devil was tormenting me. I began calling spiritual friends to get the answer but no one had it.

One night I'm in my apartment clearing out old stuff, when I stumble upon my green notebook and when I turn to page 3, the was the interpretation... BELOVED!!! I was VERY VERY upset at God because I wanted it to be something more profound and if I can be honest I wanted it to be about wealth and blessings. I sat down on the couch to pray and said "God I don't like this, why are you doing this to me? Why are you calling me that? You don't meant it!!! You don't really feel that way about me., as I cried uncontrollably. Within seconds I felt a mighty gust of wind that overtook me and all I could do was cry, because I KNEW it was him and he was saying "You are my beloved in whom I am well pleased Matthew 17:5" I was sooooo done for the longest time that night, but it was definitely the best experience ever. After that, I kept feeling like new was saying move to Houston, but it still was not what I wanted.... But he was relentless. I kept praying and crying, praying and crying that he would give me more concrete confirmations or that he would change his mind but he didn't. This went on from like December-ish to June. By June, I said well God I think you're saying go so let me go see about an apartment. I made it clear to God my need for a few things to already be in the apartment and in head I had a few desires:

1. Built In Bookshelves were a must
2. Washer and Dryer
3. Dishwasher
4. Garden Tub
5. Private area for my cats poop pan

I saw a few places then the big one came.... As soon as I walked in I saw all of the built in bookshelves, then the W/D, and when I hit the bathroom it took everything in me not to cry.... I looked at the guy and said I'll take it. Signed on the spot...

He gave me my apartment number which was like #1524 or something like that on the 2nd floor, but a few weeks later I emailed requesting the 1st floor because I wanted the hardwood floors.....

I couldn't Believe what was about to happen next..... He sent back my apartment number..... #1111

And that was it..... I completely lost it at my computer and it took me a few days to recover!!! Even Tuesday when I walked up to the apartment all I could do was laugh and smile, because I couldn't have made this up. Like I received a lot of confirmations about moving here, but it's soooo amazing what a God did after I signed the lease. Now for the next 365 days I get to see 1111 every single day and I know without a shadow of a doubt that I'm in Gods hands and that he is truly pleased with me.

After accepting that apartment, I was reminded... Everything new and nothing old... so I sold EVERYTHING that I owned except for my clothes, shoes and books and hit the road. I didn't know what I was going to do when I got here, but I remembered when I left Kentucky, I sold everything and carried my books, shoes and clothes... so this move was nothing new!! I'm super excited about the past 72 hours, I've purchased all new furniture, appliances and some things I've been wanting for a very long time... so I'm truly grateful for now only these new items, but such an amazing new start....

A lot of times we find it hard to obey God, because we typically want to know the entire story before we move, but I refuse.. I told God I will do whatever you tell me to do. I'll obey and ask questions later... and that's exactly what I'm going to be doing while I'm here in Texas... for as long as I am supposed to be here.

Soon, I'll share the details of what happened upon my arrival, but let me say this..... About $10,000..... STAY TUNED!!!!

Color and My Natural Hair

July of last year (2014) I had my entire head colored brown and then brown highlights. In just a few weeks it'll be a year and my roots are ridiculous. LOL. Part of me wants to just let my hair grow out black, while the perfectionist in me wants to get it all one color... UGH the struggle. 

I hadn't colored my hair since like 2005, so I went all out with this one... loved the color!! I will say that I've noticed my hair is soooo dry as a result of the color and I need to moisturize it so much more than my black hair. I've honestly been terrible in terms of taking care of my hair with so much going on. UGH!! Jesus Fix It.

What A Difference A Year Makes

Hey Guys!! 
For some strange reason I logged onto my blog today and started bringing it up to date, and realized that its been over a year since my last blog post.... WOW!

Life is DRASTICALLY different now than it was last year, but I must say that I am sooooo happy and so grateful for the past 12 months. I sit here listening to the sound of my dryer running, Lethal Weapon playing on the television with peace in my spirit, and I must say that life is such an amazing blessing. 

We are 3 weeks away from Return of the Curls Weekend 2015 and I am just blown away by all that God has done these 3 short years. I'm not a hairstylist, nor do I have the desire to style hair, I just REALLY enjoy Sales/Marketing and Natural Hair... but look what the Lord has done.

...and not to mention, we've got an amazing announcement coming as soon as the press release is complete... and its probably the biggest announcement I've EVER made in my business. 
Praise God!

Keenya Kelly Business Coaching and Mentoring

Hey Friends!! It's been a long time coming, but I finally ready to launch
"60 Minutes with Keenya Kelly Business Coaching and Mentoring." Over the past 12 years I have been spending majority of my time growing and learning (sometimes the hard way) about developing and growing businesses from  scratch, learning all about Social Media Marketing and networking my way through life the right way, so I am now ready to share all of this with you all. 

I am now taking just a few clients with a free 30 minute consultation. We will discuss everything from growing yourself into a successful business person mentally, creating your personal image as well as all the fundamentals of starting and growing your business. 

For a free consultation you can email me at

Get Creamed - Handcrafted Soap

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of trying out Get Creamed - Handcrafted Soap, I must say as soon as I opened the package it was an amazingly breath of fresh air. The aroma oozing from the soap was beyond my expectations, to the point where I left it on our dining room table for a few weeks as it added to the classic ambiance while we ate each meal. Weird, I know, but it was an amazing smell. 

You could tell that the bar was made by hand and with love and that it was 100% natural as their ingredients explained. 

Now I knew (1) thing before I tried out the product, I was aware that because it was a natural soap that we weren't going to need to use a ton to get a lather, but also that the bar would evaporate a lot quicker than the soap you purchase at a grocery store. 

I started thinking (before I wet the bar) that the bar was only going to last a few days, so I was already bummed...just to be honest, but I went to work on it. Not only did the bar smell beyond amazing, but the soap felt absolutely amazing on my skin and added a special experience to my shower. 
My husband used it as well and we both agreed the smell and feel were absolutely breath-taking, but as the bar got smaller and smaller we were bummed that we would have to go back to our normal soap. 
We both agreed that the soap was so awesome that we didn't have to use very much lotion as the soap provided us with lots of moisture, beyond any other soap we have previously used. 

The soap is valued at $7.00 per bar of which I believe is worth it, depending on your expendable income. 
If you are interested in purchasing some of her lovely products, you can reach her at:

Final Thoughts:
- Great Soap
- Great Smell
- Awesome Moisture
- Just a little pricey for my monthly budget

A Marketing Strategist & Motivational Speaker

Keenya Kelly has been in the industry of Network Marketing for over 10 years and grown a sales force of over 30,000 distributors in less than one year.

New Author of the Ebook Network Marketing 101.

As CEO of Return of the Curls, we host nation-wide events for women of all ethnicities with curly hair. As the owner I am responsible for Sales, Marketing, Public Relations, Event Planning, Accounting etc.

After college, I joined a network marketing organization. With my networking, leadership and selling abilities I was able to build an organization, from one person (me), to over 5,000 selling representatives, as well as being featured in the May 2005 issue of Success From Home magazine.

I have always had the desire to own and operate businesses, as well as to travel the world as a motivational speaker, teaching and educating women on how to launch their own success businesses.

Recent Posts

Business Description

Keenya Kelly LLC and Return of the Curls came to be due to my need as an African American woman to be able to embrace my naturally curly hair and to forgo applying chemicals that were harmful to my hair and body.

In 2010, I launched an event with a friend of mine from church, in an effort to assist other women whom we were associated with, to help them care for their hair. The goal of this event was to assist 100 women through a four hour event and charge them $5 for entry. After this event, we were able to sell 27 vendor spaces for $50 as well as 500 tickets at the rate of $5 per ticket.

At these events, women were not only able to purchase hair products from local small businesses, but gained a wealth of knowledge on how to care for their naturally curly hair, as well as to connect with professional hair stylists to assist them with their hair journey.

The reason Return of the Curls is successful is because African American women need to be educated regarding the effects of using chemicals found in relaxers, and how they have been known to cause cancer as well as forms of alopecia. Our shows work with international companies, whom we fly into our events, to offer free products and education to our consumers and leave them with the necessary information to make the transition from chemically treating their hair to embracing their naturally curly hair.

We were able to host a Natural Hair Expo in Richmond, Va with over 1500 attendees and 50 small businesses as a first event.

My biggest challenge so far with my company has been getting local leaders to show their support. We have an amazing amount of support from small business owners and consumers, but major local businesses have yet to come to show their support.

My ultimate goal is to host 4 shows a year in the United States and 2 internationally.

I am most proud that while I have a great sales/marketing background, I have been able to build a massive social media platform of over 3000 Facebook followers and 2900 Instagram followers.