Sunday, June 28, 2015

Color and My Natural Hair

July of last year (2014) I had my entire head colored brown and then brown highlights. In just a few weeks it'll be a year and my roots are ridiculous. LOL. Part of me wants to just let my hair grow out black, while the perfectionist in me wants to get it all one color... UGH the struggle. 

I hadn't colored my hair since like 2005, so I went all out with this one... loved the color!! I will say that I've noticed my hair is soooo dry as a result of the color and I need to moisturize it so much more than my black hair. I've honestly been terrible in terms of taking care of my hair with so much going on. UGH!! Jesus Fix It.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

What A Difference A Year Makes

Hey Guys!! 
For some strange reason I logged onto my blog today and started bringing it up to date, and realized that its been over a year since my last blog post.... WOW!

Life is DRASTICALLY different now than it was last year, but I must say that I am sooooo happy and so grateful for the past 12 months. I sit here listening to the sound of my dryer running, Lethal Weapon playing on the television with peace in my spirit, and I must say that life is such an amazing blessing. 

We are 3 weeks away from Return of the Curls Weekend 2015 and I am just blown away by all that God has done these 3 short years. I'm not a hairstylist, nor do I have the desire to style hair, I just REALLY enjoy Sales/Marketing and Natural Hair... but look what the Lord has done.

...and not to mention, we've got an amazing announcement coming as soon as the press release is complete... and its probably the biggest announcement I've EVER made in my business. 
Praise God!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Keenya Kelly Business Coaching and Mentoring

Hey Friends!! It's been a long time coming, but I finally ready to launch
"60 Minutes with Keenya Kelly Business Coaching and Mentoring." Over the past 12 years I have been spending majority of my time growing and learning (sometimes the hard way) about developing and growing businesses from  scratch, learning all about Social Media Marketing and networking my way through life the right way, so I am now ready to share all of this with you all. 

I am now taking just a few clients with a free 30 minute consultation. We will discuss everything from growing yourself into a successful business person mentally, creating your personal image as well as all the fundamentals of starting and growing your business. 

For a free consultation you can email me at

Monday, May 5, 2014

Get Creamed - Handcrafted Soap

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of trying out Get Creamed - Handcrafted Soap, I must say as soon as I opened the package it was an amazingly breath of fresh air. The aroma oozing from the soap was beyond my expectations, to the point where I left it on our dining room table for a few weeks as it added to the classic ambiance while we ate each meal. Weird, I know, but it was an amazing smell. 

You could tell that the bar was made by hand and with love and that it was 100% natural as their ingredients explained. 

Now I knew (1) thing before I tried out the product, I was aware that because it was a natural soap that we weren't going to need to use a ton to get a lather, but also that the bar would evaporate a lot quicker than the soap you purchase at a grocery store. 

I started thinking (before I wet the bar) that the bar was only going to last a few days, so I was already bummed...just to be honest, but I went to work on it. Not only did the bar smell beyond amazing, but the soap felt absolutely amazing on my skin and added a special experience to my shower. 
My husband used it as well and we both agreed the smell and feel were absolutely breath-taking, but as the bar got smaller and smaller we were bummed that we would have to go back to our normal soap. 
We both agreed that the soap was so awesome that we didn't have to use very much lotion as the soap provided us with lots of moisture, beyond any other soap we have previously used. 

The soap is valued at $7.00 per bar of which I believe is worth it, depending on your expendable income. 
If you are interested in purchasing some of her lovely products, you can reach her at:

Final Thoughts:
- Great Soap
- Great Smell
- Awesome Moisture
- Just a little pricey for my monthly budget

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

10 Lessons I've Learned In Business

As CEO of Return of the Curls, I am incredibly blessed to be able to celebrate my two-year business anniversary. This is truly a feat only made possible through hard work, the continued support of our followers and God's incredible faithfulness. Why is two years significant? 

  • Approximately 543,000 new businesses get started each month (but more businesses shut down than start up each month)
  • 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs who start businesses fail within the first 18 months
  • 51% of small businesses fail within the first five years
Sources: Forbes, Small Business Administration 

So, I'm sharing the following top ten items I've learned during my first two years in business. Hopefully, it will help you become a better prepared and more informed entrepreneur. 

1. Get Everything in writing
I made the mistake early on taking everyone's word for everything, to then either be let down, taken advantage of or just simply bamboozled, all because we didn't have anything in writing. 

2. Presentation is everything, but so is execution
I have always been proud of how much effort I take in the foundational things, such a logos, websites, flyers etc, but I never knew how much other people did not, until I began receiving complimentary calls from companies thanking me for taking the time to focus on all of the details. 

3. Customer Service can make or break you
We've all been the victim of "bad customer service" and the effect that has had on your buying decisions for the future. When operating my business, I knew I would not get everything right and that I wouldn't be able to please everyone, but when it came to customer service I was determined to give the best, because they deserve it and so do I. 

4. You must hire people that believe in you, and not more into themselves. 
I learned this one EARLY on, that you need people on your team that have bought into you and your vision, and not those that come on board with an agenda. When someone believes in you and your vision it's evident by their work ethic and spirit.

5. Copyright EVERYTHING
In my first year not only did I have to deal with making sure we understand not to steal someone intellectual property, but to also to have our ducks in a row so that if someone attempts to steal anything of ours, that we have grounds to take legal action, if necessary. 

6. Don't Cut Corners
If you take the time that's needed to build a successful company without cutting here and there, the results will be evident. But, if you choose the latter, it will also be evident.

7. Online access is a must, but MOBILE IS KING.

Our first website had flash and if you were operating from an iPhone, you couldn't see a thing. We learned to ask all of the questions to your designer before they begin.

8. You don't need money to start, but you better get some quick.
To build any business at some point you are going to need some money. Whether that's for a logo, business cards, website, etc., those things cost only have so many favors you can get. 

9. You must continue to develop your business/leadership people and new things are occurring daily. 
I'll never forget when some of our volunteers created an Instagram account for us; I had no idea what that was or how it was worth it to our business, but after humbling myself I learned the value of it and the value of working with people that are "sometimes" younger than you, fresh out of college and sometimes just stronger than you in certain areas. 


I can not tell you how important this must be when you decide to start and launch your business. I have seen so many businesses come and go and a lot of times its as a result of improper guidance, improper planning and because God's blessing was never on it. I don't think people realize how powerful GOD really is...I mean he is God for crying out loud! When God tells you to start a business, to do this and that and you obey, He is obligated to make it successful. But, when you choose to do something then ask God to bless it, technically he doesn't have to, because he never told you to do it in the first place!

Friday, January 3, 2014

4 Years Natural And I'm Still Learning

Two weeks ago I decided to wash, condition and style my hair using some products that I have previously used together maybe a few years ago and unfortunately I had an epic fail; you would've thought I needed some Head and Shoulders FOR REAL. 
But after thinking about what happened, I realized all the creamy products that I used together were now clashing with one another!!! WHOMP WHOMP

Now you would probably assume that I know this by now, but how about NO!
I'm 32 years old, probably received a relaxer at age 10 or 11 so that over 20 years of caring for relaxed hair, so you already know I am not going to know what I am doing with all this curly thick goodness in 4 years, especially with all that I have goings on everyday!! LOL

So this post I just wanted to encourage you ladies to just keep at it. Don't give up on your natural journey just because you haven't quite figured things out just really does take time like weight loss.. nobody loses weight over night without some surgery or something. 
(not knocking surgeries, just saying its progressive like typical weight loss is)
**Just in case someone saying I'm throwing shade**

Every time I do my hair and try a new style or a new products or a new method or something, I find it kinda exhausting and sometimes disappointing, but I just keep on trying. 
I've been looking at a few things online lately that I am itching to try out especially while my husband is at work, in case I look a hot mess!! So be on the look out for some of that. 

Monday, December 16, 2013

15 Days Left For Our Early Bird Special

I'm so excited to host my 3rd year of Return of the Curls events all across the country, this year touring in: Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky and California! 
I would have to say that I stay super excited about hosting events in Kentucky since that is where I spent the majority of my life and seeing all of my old friends coming out to support and educate themselves on natural hair care. 
I'm even more excited to head over to Los Angeles this year as this will be my first trip to Los Angeles in a VERY long time and I believe this will be my husbands first time EVER...

I would love to have some of you guys helping us with this years tour, so we are hiring Sales Representatives and bringing on about 25-30 Bloggers/Vloggers to help us along the journey!!

If you're interested please email us at

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Style Fail

After deep conditioning my hair the other day, I decided to do two-strand twists using Shea Moistures Curl Enhancing Smoothie. I didn't think very much of it putting a creamy moisturizer and a cream leave in conditioner together, until I untwisted my hair and had the MOST flakes on my shirt. 
My husband looked at the top of my head and said, your hair is really white and tried to brush it out with his hands. FAILED!!

It never crossed my mind that my hair would turn out like this...but apprently the deep conditioner, leave-in and the moisturizer was NOT the best idea. I'm gonna co wash my hair in a few and style it idea with what though. 

Friday, December 6, 2013

Heat Damage...What is it?

No this isn't me, I found it on google! LOL
One of the scariest things in a natural girls life is going to the salon for a blow out and then jumping in the shower and washing our hair, to see if we experienced any heat damage. I know for me, thats the scariest thing ever!! You spend years growing and caring for your naturally curly hair, then one day decide, I'm going to do a length check with a blow out. You hair is super longer than you thought, its bouncing around like the woman from the Herbal Essence commercial and then the day you decide to wash your hair, you panic!!!
I know my stylist is good at what she does and she used extra heat protectant, per my request, but still I was so afraid my hair would look like the young ladies pictured above. But thank God it didn't!!
Check out this link below written by Urban Bush Babes on Heat Damage

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Working Out With A Blow Out

A little over a week ago I got a blow out for a special night with my husband, but I CLEARLY forgot how this will effect me working out. I like most women tend to sweat in my head, so I've postponed all of my work outs to keep my roots in tact...and I must say they are definitely still in tact. 

I spoke with some naturalistas on Facebook about what they do and they all recommended me to wrap up my hair  or bun it, then let it dry all the way before taking it down. Although, I believe them and their advice, I didn't want to risk having poofy roots so I haven't been to the gym in over a week...and I feel TERRIBLE!! Zumba a few nights a week definitely does a body good and with some awesome naturalistas from the gym I have some new workout partners to keep me on my toes....

Needless to say, I think I am going to deep condition my hair tomorrow morning and let my husband come home to yet another amazing style...Lord Jesus guide my little 10 fingers..LOL.