Friday, January 3, 2014

Date Night Bantu Knots

Tonight Rashaad and I have decided to go hang out with one of my first Virginia Friends Daviece. 
Daviece has launched a MASSIVE advertising campaign of going on 54 Dates to finding a mate.
Now of course we believe in letting God hook you  up with your mate, but because she's my girl and a brilliant Advertising Executive we agreed to make tonight a date night for us as we support her in her endeavor. Be sure to check her out!

So I was trying to figure out a little something different I could do with my hair besides my typical braid/twist out so I embarked upon bantu knots. Now typically I have to wear bantu knots in knots for like 24-48 hours for them to be dry, but I didn't feel up to it yesterday so I have been sitting under my dryer for over 30 minutes ALREADY!! My plan is to sit here until he arrives home from work so that its completely dry,
(1 hour and 15 minutes) but we will see what happens...heck its gonna take him a little while to get dressed anyhow!! LOL

For this style I co-washed with a light conditioner I had in the bathroom (something random) used Giovanni Direct Leave In Condition and Alikay Naturals Shea Yogurt. I love Alikay Naturals because not only does it smell amazing, but my hair is usually flawless with lusciousness and shine for DAYS and he always smells my hair over and over and over. 

What am I gonna wear to accent these idea since like like 3 degrees outside...but I just might add a hint of sexual chocolate since I am sure the knots are gonna look great!!! LOL

Pics to come.


  1. Keenya, I'm glad you're so supportive of your friend! And its nice to hear you switched it up for date night. What were the results of sitting under the dryer?

  2. It's so refreshing to see that you are being supportive of your friend. And it's even nicer to know you enjoy switching it up for date nights. So how did the knots turn out with the dryer session?

  3. Hey!! It turned out really good actually....I think air drying still has the best effect hands down.