4 Ways Marvel NAILED The Branding For Black Panther

I ventured to see the new Black Panther movie last weekend, and let me be honest, it was a struggle to go. Now before you try to steal my black card, HEAR ME! I’m not a fan of Marvel movies and the last few movies I tried to watch actually put me to sleep; I […]

Top 7 Favorite Moments of Marketing Impact Live

What an amazing weekend we had in Irvine, California with Chalene Johnson and Team. Personally, I wasn’t sure what to expect by attending this event for the first time, but I knew that if the event was anything like the academy and Chalene on livestream, I was going to be in for a treat. Today […]

The Truth About Entrepreneurship

Hey Friend Hey!! It’s my first blog post of 2017, better late than never and why not start the year off with some important truth. ENTREPRENEURSHIP IS HARD I don’t mean to scare you and I am definitely not trying to get you to abandon your dreams of being an entrepreneur, but I want to […]