Instagram Should Be A Part Of Your Marketing Strategy

Building a digital business can feel extremely overwhelming, especially when you think of everything you have to do day to day in your business. Not to mention, engaging with your amazing audience of people on all of the social media platforms where they have connected to you.

But if you are not building your business on Instagram, YOU SHOULD BE!

Now don’t get me wrong, Facebook is my favorite and where I have built my business over the  years, but INSTAGRAM is a close 2nd bae, plus its a whole lot of fun.

Over the last year I have started spending a lot of time engaging with my audience through Instagram Stories. A few times a day I offer business and life content to help enhance your life and I will typically ask a question a few times a week.

I find that I am getting WAY MORE engagement on Instagram through my stories than I am through anything else.


Because its me in real life and real time and they feel like they are communicating with a real human and just an “influencer” if that makes sense.

I want to invite you to just take the FREE TRAINING so you can SEE what I am talking about.


Entrepreneurship is HARD

As I’m packing up my house for the move to California in 90 days I’m remember where I was when I first moved to Texas. I was working FT for Sprint Corporate and successfully navigating life in my Network Marketing business. I was generating over $200,000 a year but I was absolutely miserable.

I worked extremely long stressful days to then have to deal with attitude, unrealistic expectations and then my own emotions and short comings. One day I decided enough was enough, I left my things on my bosses desk and never returned to work. I couldn’t take it anymore… I was going to have a breakdown!

I took the next 6 months to sit in front of my television, catching up on all of the Netflix shows and bonding with my cats, as if they needed that. LOL

Reality set in eventually and I realized I was going to have to get another job or start a business to recoup the $100,000 from my job.

I was incredibly inspired to launch my branding and design company If You Brand It.

But THAT wasn’t easy either…

Honestly IT WAS HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you are anything like me, you’re creative, got amazing ideas that seem like BILLION dollar ideas but when push comes to shove, creative isn’t enough when you need execution to actually build the business right?

Yeah, I had to learn all of that the hard way.

Today – I just want to encourage you in letting you know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!!

I remember those days like it was yesterday feeling super overwhelmed with everything that I need to learn and implement to build a successful business while also needing to generate income for my life and my business…

TODAY – I want to instruct you to do ONE THING!!!!


Its less than two minutes and it gives you homework for the day…

I’ll be back tomorrow to check on you.


Entrepreneurship Requires Resilience

I Love being an entrepreneur, but I also kinda sorta hate it!!

Ya feel me? LOL

Entrepreneurship is amazing in a way that I get to fully operate in my artistic expression each day, helping others build the businesses of their dreams. I get to wake up each day and work from the comfort of my own home, look cute only from the waste up AND from time to time take off during the middle of the week without having to ask for permission… SORTA LOL.


When you are first starting our as an entrepreneur, you have to be RESILIENT.

Resilient: The ability to able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions.

….and when they say difficult conditions, they MEAN IT!

When you first start out (this could last for 5 years), you are going to fight to build your business, grow as a CEO and eventually hire individuals that are just as passionate as you are about building your business with the level of excellence you desire.

You are going to have many false starts and at times realize just has unrealistic your expectations are, especially in the digital space. You will experience days, weeks and months where you will earn ZERO income, but you are going to have to FIGHT to build your business.

Many of us have worked multiple jobs to not only pay our bills, but to have working capital to funnel into our businesses.

You are going to have to work your TAIL OFF, but don’t be discouraged.

Every entrepreneur that you look up to, went through the exact same journey. Now some roads were easier than others, but EVERYONE has had to endure their level of needing to be resilient.

If you aren’t where you want to be or thought you were, don’t feel bad, just keep going.

I look back at the first business I ever started which was selling candy in elementary school. I made a lot and spent even more. #BUSINESSFAIL

I went on to do the same things in my adult life…#BUSINESSFAIL, BUT instead of beating myself up, I put on my army boots, strap up and get back to work… and cry a whole lot of prayer for help!! LOL

You CAN do this…….

I promise you can.