Positioning To Prosper

It’s almost 2020, can you even believe it? Today I was at an appointment and the lady said, “Can you believe its almost 2020?”  I replied, “NO!” I mean we all knew that this day was going to come, but goodness when it actually arrives it feels a bit surreal. With that being said, I […]

Building An Online Brand Part 2

Last week we started a conversation on building an online brand, and this week we completed it by discussing social media platforms like Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. For some of you, you get frustrated by how often the platforms pop up or change, but for those of us that are building a brand […]

Building An Online Brand

As we go into 2020, I want to help so many individuals that are working full time jobs to be able to start businesses online that will eventually allow them to leave their jobs. One of the more popular business models are digital businesses. Yes, there are a lot of people doing it, and there […]

When Nothing Is Working Right

Ever had a season in your business where everything you touch turns to gold and then in a blink of an eye NOTHING is working? Rest assured, that is the life of an entrepreneur, but that is also a clue that a shift has happened in your life and business and now is the time […]

Your Brand Name Matters

When choosing a name for your brand its extremely important to always consider the possibility that someone may wanna give you $1 Billion dollars a few years down the line. People buy and sell businesses all of the time and so when you are starting this process you must have that in mind. Choosing a […]