Fear… Is It Crippling You?

Deciding to jump into entrepreneurship is probably one of the scariest things you will ever do in your life. It feels like you just jumped off the tallest building in the world without a parachute. Right? Well the truth is, YOU HAVE!!!!! Think about this! You have spent over the last 20 years going to […]

Positioning Your Business For Love

When I decided to start a business a few¬† years ago, I knew that I needed to build a business for the life that I want, not the life that I have. I knew this EARLY on because when I spent 10+ years in network marketing, I watched so many families struggle with balancing their […]

You have to see it to implement it.

Since being an entrepreneur, I realized a very important thing about myself. If I can’t SEE what I need to do on a regular basis, it’s impossible for me to achieve it. When I worked a full time job, one of the complaints I constantly had from my managers was that although I was good […]