Are you willing to get uncomfortable for success?

Have you ever felt uncomfortable? Good! It’s a great thing! And you’re human!

Do you want to be successful?  Awesome!  

Now to be successful you’re going to have to get uncomfortable.  No one likes feeling uncomfortable.  When I first embarked on building my TikTok account I was definitely uncomfortable! It’s the unknown!  I had a decision to make and I remember sitting in front of the camera recording a TikTok dance to “Savage” by Megan Thee Stallion and Beyonce… and I wanted to quit!  It took me 45 minutes to learn 15 seconds of a dance!  

I had a choice in that moment of uncomfortability, and I chose to push myself. 

 Some of my internal struggle was:

  • Will people judge me?
  • What will people think?
  • Could people hate me?

Wow did it pay off to push through! Many people feel uncomfortable with TikTok, that’s normal! I had such a sense of accomplishment after making that video though and choosing to stay uncomfortable. 

The results of me pushing through uncomfortability in this case resulted in:

  • People were celebrating my video!
  • The video now has thousands of views & comments!
  • Me gaining a bit more confidence!

Now just because I have a big personality, that doesn’t mean there’s no fear.  Pushing through it is huge!  There’s so much for you in facing uncomfortability and learning to live uncomfortable to succeed. 

A second very recent example of how uncomfortability led to success for me was when last week I was invited onto Chalene Johnson’s Podcast and Instagram Live for an interview on the current events surrounding racism.  I was nervous!  

In the face of fear, I did a 75 minute talk about racism and what to do about it right now!  I was super uncomfortable….

But, guess what happened?

  • 1,300 new followers on Instagram!
  • Zero negative messages
  • Interview offers & paid offers

To get to your goal you’re going to have to be uncomfortable! 

 Get comfortable with being uncomfortable! It has CHANGED my life! I continue to do things that are uncomfortable.  For example, I applied to be a Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry Official Third Year Mentor, where students of (BSSM) can come and work with me for nine months! It was unknown and uncomfortable! 

For the interview to be accepted as a mentor, I:

  • Had no idea what the interview would be like or how to prepare
  • No idea if I’d be rejected or accepted

Guess what happened?

  • I had an amazing interview
  • I had the chance to pray for and impact the person interviewing me
  • I got selected and accepted as a mentor!!

It’s crucial we don’t let the possibility of failure stop us from getting what we want!  Whether that be a spouse, a career, or having kids even! 

Being uncomfortable is necessary, the more you do it the more you’ll learn.

In less than two and a half months with my TikTok account:

  • Have 28,686 followers, almost at 30k! (More than my YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook combined!!)
  • I’m using TikTok for visibility and reaching so many
  • So many book sales!  Big increase. 

The course is live and open for you to join!

www.tiktokforbusinesscourse.infoOfficial Site Intro Video For You!