EP: 246 Is Going Viral Necessary or Overrated

The idea of going viral is something that every business owners has found appealing at one time or another.  Because let’s be honest… Who wouldnt want to reach millions of people for free and sell out of your products overnight!  But with that I have seen where going viral. is the ONLY strategy some people […]

EP: 245 Reels or TikTok What To Focus On This Year

Reels vs TikTok – Which platform should you focus on? Today on the Keenya Kelly Podcast I am diving into what is currently happening on the two platforms, which platform would I use if I started over today and what is the hottest things happening for product based businesses that you can not miss out […]

Season 3 EP: 64 – Managing conflict well

Have you ever found yourself shying away from the discomfort of conflict, only to realize that avoidance isn’t the solution? That’s a page from my own life story, one that I’m opening up about on our latest You, Me, and Jesus podcast. Transforming from a conflict-avoider to an advocate for healthy, growth-inducing discussions, I dive into the […]

EP: 244 TikTok Marketing Predictions For 2024

TikTok is changing soo much and in 2024 I think we need to expect even more changes.  From TikTok Shop, Direct Message Automation to its livestreaming tool, I think that we are going to be amazed at what comes down the pipeline on the platform this year.  Tune in as I shared my predictions and […]

Season 3 EP: 63 – Navigating politics and social issues

Politics in the church are one of the big reasons I think so many people have a weird relationship with going to church. You come to church to connect with Christians and to continuing growing in your relationship with God but you end up being faced with the political agenda of your pastor.  Plus, because […]

EP: 243 When and how to raise prices

One of the hardest things to know as a business owner is when to raise your prices. Because oftentimes we want to make sure that we can still sell our products and services and that our customers are happy. But when the economy changes and prices increase and our business expenses increase we have got […]

Season 3 EP: 62 – Bringing in the new year

2024 is just a few hours away and I feel that it’s really important to set an intention for the new year for yourself, your spiritual life and all things.  In today’s episode I am sharing a tradition I have had for many years, the importance of it and a really big intention that I […]

EP: 242 Knowing what to delegate

When building a business there are so many things to do on a daily basis and when you start growing, things continue to add up.  This makes it harder to grow and scale especially if you are a solopreneur.  Today on the podcast I am sharing types of things you should delete to VA’s and […]

Season 3 EP: 61 – Celebrating Christmas As a Christian

There is a lot debate about whether or not Christians should celebrate Christmas even though it’s not actually Jesus’ birthday… A lot of controversy unfortunately.  I’ve talked about this before, but today we are going to revisit the conversation about what I think God has to say about this. If you felt empowered by this […]

Season 3 EP: 61 – Celebrating Christmas As a Christian

There is a lot of debate about whether or not Christians should celebrate Christmas because we know that Jesus wasn’t born on December 25th. No one had a Calendar and so there’s been so much debate over whether or not we should celebrate Christmas. And because Christmas is right here, I want to have this […]