How To Sell Your Products & Services On TikTok

We all know that TikTok is pushing out content like crazy and I want to make sure that when you’re getting the views, that you’re also actually getting the dollar signs that come along with it.  So if you’re looking to learn how to sell your stuff on, whether it be physical products or digital […]

How to schedule TikTok videos on Desktop

As a growing female course creator getting started on TikTok, you must keep posting content. Keep in mind that you are in a crucial growth stage and cannot afford to starve your audience of content, even when you don’t feel like it. This is why I love scheduling my TikTok videos on a desktop. When […]

Scaling Your Business Part 1

In this series I am going to be walking you on the journey as we scale my business for growth. Its important for me that we share all of the ins and outs of this process to make it EASIER for you as you do the same in your business. 

Love Is Blind 2

I binge watched Love is Blind 2 this week and had to record my thoughts and feedback on the show.  This is a VERY different episode for me, but I want you to hear my thoughts. 

Pitching Yourself

I would definitely call myself a pitching queen because I pitch myself OFTEN! Now I get more No’s than yes, but I keep on pitching.  Today I’m sharing how my thought process goes before pitching a brand and the strategy behind it. 

Do I Need To Be On Social Media Everyday

Running an online business has a lot of moving parts and being on social media everyday definitely doesn’t seem feasible…. or is it? Today we are going to dive into the subject and clear up the myth. 

Strategic Planning Provides Freedom

Being an “organized chaos” kind of person almost got me fired from a few jobs and practically ruined my business a few years ago.  Today I share how I turned all of that around, one step at a time. 

Creative Marketing Is Ruling The World

Marketing your business is very different in 2022 than it was in 1999.  We are no longer looking at the newspaper to make buying decisions, its moreso social media and sometimes television.  With the rise of short video marketing, being creative is much more important than it use to be.  This episode focuses on the […]

5 Marketing Trends For 2022

Todays episode we are talking about the top 5 marketing trends for 2022. Spoiler Alert: Video Marketing is at the top of the pile but a few others just may surprise you.

Planning Your Business For 2022

To obtain business goals this year we have to create some type of plan or we are just wishing, hoping and praying. Todays episode I share my top 10 tips on planning your business for 2022.