3 Tips For Converting Online

Building a business online is not always as easy as it seems. What seems like posting and profiting, is really a carefully thought out strategic marketing plan with a series of events transpiring.

Today I want to share my Top 3 Tips for Converting Online, and why you will want to implement these ASAP!

  • Targeted Content 

Social media reminds me of real estate, you have to make sure that what you place on your real estate is super clear to those that you want to attract. People come to social media for many different reasons and as a marketer, you are not exactly #1. People log on for entertainment purposes for the most part, but you get the opportunity to potentially interrupt their entertainment with your information.

Think about this…. if you are going to be interrupted by something, wouldn’t you want it to be a GREAT interruption that causes you to abandon your scrolling for amazing inspiration, information or a great deal?

I know I do!!

When I log onto social media each day, the only thing that causes me to stop lurking is something that I TRULY want. And the only way I get what I want is the person marketing targets me with their content.

  • Powerful Opt-Ins

One of the most powerful tools you can have to convert is SUPER awesome free tools for your potential clients. Of course we want people to come in contact with us for the first time and invest all of their money with us, but the truth is it usually doesn’t work that way.

Early on in my sales career I learned a powerful truth “people by from people that they Like – Know and Trust.” So before someone trusts you to give you their money they have to connect with you at least a little bit and what better way to show them who you are and what you know, than by giving them a dope freebie.

By Freebie/Opt-in I mean you create something that you KNOW they need and you give it away for free. I don’t mean a products, but something digital potentially. Retailers do a lot of coupon codes, of which work really well, but also as a consultant I offer free quizzes, training, workbooks etc.

Not basic stuff, but something so powerful that when the person visits my link will say to themselves, OMG this is FREE? I can’t believe it. Then they LOVE IT and now you’ve got yourself a customer. Now they may not go and purchased immediately after, BUT you’ve got someone that likes you, is thankful for your amazing tool and that starts the whole trust factor journey.

  • Products Listed On Your Website

Now this is a BIG ONE! One of the worst things I feel like a person can do with their website, is having something super nice and branded, but nothing to purchase! Don’t get me wrong I have a website where no one can make a purchase as its a Branding Agency and clients need to contact us first, but we do have a dope opt-in though. LOL

Here’s the thing, if you are going to make all the money you can make, not spend all of your time glued to social media or your email account, then you need to have products on your site that people can buy when they are ready. Yes, these may be low ticket products, BUT if they want to buy LET THEM!

I was recently featured on  a podcast and while I was sleeping the episode went live. During the episode I was talking about my new book, BUT by the time I woke up at 6am I had almost a dozen opt-ins, and a few sales for one on one consulting. Over the week my opt-ins skyrocketed and so did my sales.


Everything was already in place on my site!!

If you desire to build a business that grows without you then you must list your products or at least some of them.

I hope that today’s post was super helpful for you. Be sure to visit me here, scroll to the bottom and tell me what you want me to talk about next.

My Book Has Arrived!!!

I can’t even begin to express how excited I am about my new book Before You Quit Your Jobbeing officially published. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel once I had it in my hands.

I decided to open the package on Facebook LIVE, but before I went live I decided to take a moment to pray and thank God. I CRIED!!

I didn’t know how emotional I was going to feel, but as I thanked God for giving me the courage, energy, words and finances to fund the book, I became overwhelmed. You guys know that I always talk about overcoming divorce and going after my dreams, well I never thought I would be able to accomplish this. I thought my writing was awful, my confidence to write an entire book was shot and I had absolutely NO IDEA how to publish a book.

As the book laid in my lap I KNEW that it only happened because God is so amazing and he gave me everything I needed to accomplish this task. It was also like God way of saying, this is a new season, old things have passed away. Like my book was a physical manifestation of all of the promises God has made me and him saying “See Keenya, YOU CAN DO ALL THINGS WITH ME.”

So today I want to say to you, YOU TOO can do all things through Christ. I know that we are coming upon the new year, but if you set your mind to it, you can do something BIG before January 1st.

For me – Im working on another BIG THING!!!!!!! I hope you are too.

I’m Not Passionate About My Side Hustle

Side hustles fund dreams, they are not what you should be passionate about.

When working with my clients I often hear their frustrations with not wanting to do certain side hustles because it isn’t aligned with their dreams or passions, and while I totally can understand, I also have to help them differentiate between the two.

Your passion is typically that thing you’ve dreamed about your entire life. The thing you could do no matter how much money you make or don’t make. Its the thing that makes you come the most ALIVE!

Your side hustle is the thing that you do that pays you, but you use the money to invest into whatever is needed so that you can do your passion.

For my passion, I desire to rescue women in Human Trafficking, but in order to do that I need money. The women unfortunately do not have the means to be able to rescue themselves or for a period of time take care of themselves, so I have to have money to be able to invest in them; in a sense.

My side hustle has always been network marketing. Although I have grown to be very fond of it, it’s definitely not my passion. I spent many years learning, building and growing in network marketing, but it doesn’t keep me up at night like Human Trafficking does. Yes, I have become very good at building a business, selling products and recruiting team members, but that still doesn’t make it my passion.

What I am basically trying to say is that, your passion is not going to fund itself, so you need something on the side.

Listen to this weeks podcast to hear more about it. 

Balancing Your Job & Your Business

Building a business while working a full-time job can prove to be a very difficult task. You are already working 40 hours a week at your job, travel time to and from work. Where are you supposed to find time to build your business, right?

Well here is the Gods honest truth. Building a business while working a full time job is HARD, but it is possible. I know that when you get off from your job, you just want to relax, spend time with friends, family or your loved ones. You want to grab a bite to eat or a glass of wine with friends and not think about another work task until the next morning, unless you’ve got a plan!

95% of the successful entrepreneurs I know built their businesses while working full time jobs, most with families, but they had to create a smart detailed plan in order to do so.

Here is what I mean:

  1. Before to launch out to build your business, take some time to really strategize your availability. Ask yourself, how much time can you really dedicate to building your business each week. For most of you, that won’t be much time because you are already slammed with a million things, BUT at least try to carve out some time
  2. Next, you need to evaluate what you are currently doing with your free time after work. What have you committed your time to in previous seasons that you may be able to step away from for a few years so that you can build your business. This won’t be a popular thing to do, but it is very necessary. If you are always leading group activities, home meetings, scheduling all of the trips or always the car pool mom or dad, maybe for a little while you can reach out to someone else. Again, this is not going to be easy because currently someone is relying on you to do what you have agreed to, but remember, just because you agree to something, doesn’t mean that you agree to it FOREVER!

Once you have started doing these things, its going to show you the actual time you have available to build your business. I understand that initially you are going to see the available time and want to spend it on other things, but its important that you create and stick with your plan.

This doesn’t mean that you have work 80 hours a week, but means you have to determine a strategic plan for yourself or you will look up a year later and realize you are no closer to your goal than the year before.

Creating with God

As a Christian entrepreneur I have at times found myself in a place where I am in need of strategic guidance for either myself of my clients and after reaching out to some business friends, I still didn’t have what I needed. Now this isn’t because my friends aren’t awesome, but I have learned that many times the only person that can help me is the one who not only created me, but also gave me the creative idea from the start.

I know it can seem kinda weird, praying to God asking for a business strategy, but I have come to learn that God wants to be involved in every aspect of my life, including in my business.

Have you ever wondered about the marketing strategy for the next 10 years and find yourself lost because there’s no way for you to come up with that without the help of some high-paid researcher? Yea, you and me both!

I’ve racked my brain with what about this, that or this just to always come up short in the end, but when I started turning to God things got very interesting!

I realized that God is bigger than anything or anyone I could talk to, including the researcher. I learned that he knows all the secrets of market trends, social media updates and whats new in the world of SEO, and all I needed to do was choose to Create with Him!

Now I know that sounds weird… but let me share something with you.

Lately, I have been going to God about clients that I am working with, asking him what should they focus on, how to help them and what is potentially holding them back from the success that they desire. You know what… every single time I ask, I not only get the answer, but when I share it with the client they are in SHOCK!


Because there is absolutely no way I could’ve known what I told them, but it was exactly what they needed to hear for their lives and their business endeavors.

I wanna invite you to watch this training I did on FACEBOOK it’ll really bless you.

Build Before You Launch

As a creative we are super overloaded and preoccupied with the amazing things we create and less interested in the other things that are actually needed to run a successful business.


Like I love teaching groups of entrepreneurs about systems, funnels and strategically building their brands, but I find myself be completely uninterested with the numbers that show what is actually happening inside of my business. Which is totally WRONG!

One of the most MAJOR things I see new digital entrepreneurs do is focusing solely on their new products and not spending any time building their audiences for a successful launch simultaneously. Its understandable because your time is limited and you wanna focus on the  main thing, unfortunately you are not just a product creator, you are a BUSINESS DEVELOPER.

So today I want to help you understand with 3 reasons you should build before you launch.

  • Building before you launch allows you to create an audience of people that know, like and trust you. When you build your audience by presenting yourself as an expert BEFORE you launch, your audience will be knocking on your door to purchase your products, making sure that your launch is wildly successful.
  • Building an email list would be essential for having control during the launch period. When launching a new product one essential tool to use is developing a strong email list. You can offer something special for individuals who join your waiting list which then gives you a heads up to gauge the number of potential customers you have.
  • Building before launching allows you to see how close you are to your goals before you begin your launch. If you set a goal to sell 50 of your products on launch day, if you are building and engaging with your audience you will be able to know how close or how far you may be away from your goal. This helps when you are developing your marketing campaign.

There are many other reasons to build but these are very key to making that decision NOW! I know you are busy with so many other things, but be so focused on your product that you neglect to build an audience that is looking for what you are about to launch.