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When I met Keenya Kelly and she told me to do TikTok I thought she was crazy. I said my TikTok is hurting.I had about 320 people following me and I had content that just wasn’t really doing much. When she said you’re missing out it’s fun and creative and you can learn to monetize I said alright show me.I started to apply her method and I couldn’t believe it. I went from 320 to over 25,000 people on TikTok in less than three weeks. She also told me a specific video to do, that I honestly didn’t want to do but it went viral within 3 days with over 1 million views.It has been unbelievable and has brought a whole new audience to my attention. Tiktok brought new people to my Instagram account and it’s just really invigorating you with more creativeI absolutely love everything Keenya teaches.