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Are You Standing Out Online

In today’s digital world it can feel like you are lost in the sea of other businesses, leaving you wondering how to stand out. This quiz is going to help you understand where you are in this journey.

TikTok Courses

Building a business on TikTok can feel a little overwhelming at times with updates, new tools, and features. We have made the process super simple with amazing courses on TikTok.. Enroll today to get started on building your online audience.

Monetize The Tok

This digital course walks you through how to grow and scale your business using the TikTok Platform. It only opens a few times a year so make sure you join the waitlist.

TikTok Growth Accelerator

Starting and growing a business on TikTok doesn’t have to be scary and you don’t have to do it alone.

This growth accelerator meets bi-weekly in our private community learning business, branding and TikTok marketing strategies.


Ready to grow on TikTok and wanna work with Keenya one on one.

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