Monetize The Tok Elite

For business owners growing their businesses on TikTok

Growing your business on TikTok is a fun creative journey, but it also requires

Consistency, intention and strategy.

Monetize The Tok Elite is designed for graduates of the course that desire to have a supportive community as well as consistent up to date TikTok strategies for growth.

Your Coach

Hey Guys,

I’m Keenya Kelly and I created Monetize The Tok Elite to help you grow your business using the TikTok platform without having to spin your wheels listening to a million TikTok coaches.

I also wanted to give you a safe community of entrepreneurs that are focused on the same mission and goals that will support your successes and encourage you when you are just having one of those days, weeks or months.

We will be doing all the hard research work so you don’t have to and when we learn about things that could serve your business we won’t hesitate to share it.

Monetize The Tok Elite


Unlimited Access To Materials

What You’ll Receive:


The price for your membership will never increase, as long as there are no laps in your membership

Monetize The Tok Elite will always be open for enrollment

Courses inside of Monetize The Tok are pre-recorded, but will host 1 live training per month on zoom and inside of the private group.

Yes, you will still have great information inside of the portal and the monthly live training will be on zoom.

Yes, you can go through all the courses at your own pace.

Yes, there is no contract at all so you can cancel at anytime, however, we do not offer any refunds.

Price And Guarantee

$47/mo - Monthly Membership includes:

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$499/year - Yearly Membership includes:

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