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In May I completed the Five day Challenge with Keenya Kelly. At the time I had 300 followers. With her training and tips I am at almost 12K followers. 

I have sales from all over the country and I have also started consulting.

Tarsha Adeyemi

I Went from 20 – 10.3k followers Received 1.8 million views on one video Got over 2k leads signs up for my free webinar Had over 200 people from TikTok purchase my course I earned over 20k in one week (and counting) 

Mercedes Eckert

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After listening to Keenya talk about the top TikTok strategies to grow a business, I decided to go ALL IN.

I’ve been trying to grow an online business for the last 10 years, and I’ve never seen exponential growth the way I did on TikTok. In just 3 months, I went from 0 followers to over 100K! Many of my posts have since gone viral with over 3M views!

I was able to grow my email list from 1K to over 25K in less than a year!

In less than 1 year, I’ve launched 3 different products, have a built of team of 5, and am almost at 1 MILLION followers! I wouldn’t be where I am today without Keenya’s teachings and can’t wait to see what comes next!


Until I found Keenya Kelly, I was lost.

Everyone talking Tiktok tips to go viral on was like hearing about a faraway land that I would never get to!! By following her simple strategies and repeating them in every video, I finally cracked the code!

In 24 hours, over 50k followers, 5million views, 1 million likes, 20000 comments!!

I also added 5000 people to my email list.  GOLD!!

There’s so much more than technique. Keenya being her relatable, goofy, lovely self, showed me authenticity with my content and believe in my goofy-ass self too!!


When I met Keenya Kelly and she told me to do TikTok I thought she was crazy. I said my TikTok is hurting.

I had about 320 people following me and I had content that just wasn’t really doing much. When she said you’re missing out it’s fun and creative and you can learn to monetize I said alright show me.

I started to apply her method and I couldn’t believe it. I went from 320 to over 25,000 people on TikTok in less than three weeks. She also told me a specific video to do, that I honestly didn’t want to do but it went viral within 3 days with over 1 million views.

It has been unbelievable and has brought a whole new audience to my attention. Tiktok brought new people to my Instagram account and it’s just really invigorating you with more creative

I absolutely love everything Keenya teaches.


I was really reluctant to use Tiktok because I had no prior knowledge of how to use the app. The course taught me exactly what I needed to know and it was efficient.

I did it all in one day and I’m grateful to say that as of now what about 6-7 months later I have 39,000 Tik Tok followers by following Kenya’s advice. I am so happy that I invested in the course and it helped take my business to the next level.


*Limited Spots Available *

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About Keenya Kelly

As an accomplished business executive, teacher and inspirational speaker, Keenya Kelly found her voice by writing & speaking about understanding your God-given purpose and living up to your fullest potential.

She is the CEO of If You brand It, a branding and consulting firm in San Diego, CA where she strategically helps business owners go from the formulation stage of a Business to developing million dollar brands. 

Keenya decided to learn about the Tiktok platform as a way to market her business during the pandemic. In just 12 short months Keenya has grown her account to over 400,000 followers and has helped clients reach millions. 

As a partner with the Keenya Kelly brand you will surely reach Keenya’s strong female audience of influencers and entrepreneurs.

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