Building An Online Brand Part 2

Last week we started a conversation on building an online brand, and this week we completed it by discussing social media platforms like Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. For some of you, you get frustrated by how often the platforms pop up or change, but for those of us that are building a brand online, it’s a Godsend.

Yes, it can be a bit much having to learn all of the updates each day, week or month, but the best thing about it is that it doesn’t cost us anything. The platforms are constantly listening to the users, adding and removing things that make it all better while at the same time, allowing us to evolve with our customers desires.

It can also be annoying to  have to learn new social media platforms after you have already mastered one, but listen to me. Everyone you want to reach is not always where you are!!!


Ever wonder why the same brands advertise on social media, hockey games, the olympics, nascar races and during the commercials of political debates? It’s because they want to be where YOU are at all times and to be able to reach people they normally couldn’t reach on a normal day.

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Building An Online Brand

As we go into 2020, I want to help so many individuals that are working full time jobs to be able to start businesses online that will eventually allow them to leave their jobs. One of the more popular business models are digital businesses.

Yes, there are a lot of people doing it, and there are probably hundreds of people doing the same thing you desire to do, but no one can do it the way that YOU do it, because there is only one YOU!!

There is a people group out there looking for what you do, the way that you are that they can related to.

Ok off of that soap box!

So when you are starting the process of building an online brands, its important that before you start selling, posting, live streaming and/or podcasting, that you gain an extreme amount of clarity on your:

  1. Business Models
  2. Target Audience
  3. Brand

I have seen any of my clients start out online without clarity, build for 6 to 12 months to then come to a screeching halt, when they realize that they either don’t know what they are doing, don’t want to keep doing what they are doing or they don’t want to do it with the audience they have currently built. Granted, things change over the years all of the time, so don’t expect that you will build it once and never make adjustments, but if you never sit down and get clarity in the beginning than you are automatically doomed.

This week is my 50th Podcast Episode and I am addressing this specific topic. I want you to listen, come back and tell me what you think.

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Build Before You Launch

As a creative we are super overloaded and preoccupied with the amazing things we create and less interested in the other things that are actually needed to run a successful business.


Like I love teaching groups of entrepreneurs about systems, funnels and strategically building their brands, but I find myself be completely uninterested with the numbers that show what is actually happening inside of my business. Which is totally WRONG!

One of the most MAJOR things I see new digital entrepreneurs do is focusing solely on their new products and not spending any time building their audiences for a successful launch simultaneously. Its understandable because your time is limited and you wanna focus on the  main thing, unfortunately you are not just a product creator, you are a BUSINESS DEVELOPER.

So today I want to help you understand with 3 reasons you should build before you launch.

  • Building before you launch allows you to create an audience of people that know, like and trust you. When you build your audience by presenting yourself as an expert BEFORE you launch, your audience will be knocking on your door to purchase your products, making sure that your launch is wildly successful.
  • Building an email list would be essential for having control during the launch period. When launching a new product one essential tool to use is developing a strong email list. You can offer something special for individuals who join your waiting list which then gives you a heads up to gauge the number of potential customers you have.
  • Building before launching allows you to see how close you are to your goals before you begin your launch. If you set a goal to sell 50 of your products on launch day, if you are building and engaging with your audience you will be able to know how close or how far you may be away from your goal. This helps when you are developing your marketing campaign.

There are many other reasons to build but these are very key to making that decision NOW! I know you are busy with so many other things, but be so focused on your product that you neglect to build an audience that is looking for what you are about to launch.