Top 3 Instagram Reels Ideas for Businesses

Reels is taking over the Instagram Platform right now and if you are new to it, then I am sure you are a little overwhelmed with how to actually create fun interactive videos. Today I wanna offer you my Top 3 ideas for creating Reels for Business.
  1. The same way you choose your regular text content for the day, create the SAME content in a 15 second video. Use music and/or your voice, but use the same engaging content, but make sure that you bring out a bit of your creative fun side.
  2. Don’t be afraid to move around in your video. You can stand straight in front of the camera if you would like, but the more fun the video seems, the more likely it is that your video will “stop the scroll” and cause people to watch and engage with your video. BUT – in your video move around your office, use products that you use for your business. (Podcast Mic, Laptop, Phone, Ring light, dental drill etc.)
  3. When create videos use text to tell a story AND make sure that you encourage viewers to DM you with questions or even if they are ready to buy. This allows you to know who is/was interested and not just telling them to click your link.
There is so much more I could tell you, but I won’t overwhelm you today. When you’re ready to learn how to put all of this in action, be sure to enroll in our new Reels for Beginners mini course.

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