100+ Viral Videos

It’s hard to even believe this is my life but it is…

Since joining Tiktok I at this time have 100+ viral videos and counting. I usually go viral once a week and on good weeks, it happens twice. How?

Because I have learned how to create content that causes people to watch over and over as well as sharing it with their friends and family. Some of this content is just fun goofy stuff, but often times its business content that leads to a SURGE of leads onto my email list.

THIS is why I love Tiktok.

I love that I can create content that I KNOW will go viral and being able to strategically place my content to take advantage of the content that is going viral so that I can grow my business.

The same thing can and will happen for you once you learn how to do this in Monetize The Tok.

I am teaching you how to create content that causes people to watch over and over again that then funnels into your strategic content reaching the audience you need it to so you can increase your revenue.

I’ve tried forcing the same pieces of content to go viral on Facebook and Instagram and I think MAYBE one video has gone viral from using Instagram Reels… ONE!!!!!

But on Tiktok you can go viral over and over and over again with the right strategy and pieces of content.

But don’t take my word for it. Head over to my Tiktok Page and scroll and you will find viral content week after week.

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