#175 Should you hire a copywriter?

There’s always way too much to write, and not enough time or help to write it. In your business there’s always going to be things you need to write like blog posts, website pages, social media posts, emails, funnels, and the list goes on and on. So how do we free more time in our day to take care of more important tasks? You may just need to invest in hiring a copywriter.

A copywriter can help with so many things like handling your marketing, SEO, creative content, and so much more. One of the major bonuses of hiring a copywriter is the ability to offload a majority of the labor to another person, giving you time to deal with more timely matters, and you can always give notes for revisions to tighten up things to sound more like you. Imagine how much time that will save?

Now, you may not be in the exact right position to be hiring just yet, but even if you’re still new in your business venture you’ll want to take note of this and come back to it when you’re to get a bit more serious. When your first starting out you can even try hiring several copywriters to test the waters and compare different peoples skillsets and approaches to finding your brand or companies voice. 

You can do the copywriting yourself or include it in the job description of a marketing team member. However, having an experienced copywriter can make your content more effective as a marketing tool. You never know, maybe even someone who follows your brand already will be your next copywriter.

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