#177 Holidays Around Toxic People

The Holidays can be so fun and joyous but they are also notorious for all the drama that develops within groups. Typically, most people are eating more than they’re used to, stressed out about financial issues, drowning in extra work, and perhaps mourning those who aren’t with us any longer. Despite all of these hardships, the holiday season should be a time where everyone can be happy, including ourselves. 

Around this time of year we’re all thinking of how happy we are to see loved ones again but we also might be stressed out about having to interact with toxic people who keep showing up. The most important thing to know here is that you do have needs just like anyone else and if you’re feeling the best option for you is to refrain from certain environments to maintain your healthy and sanity then that is exactly what you should be doing. There’s no shame in enjoying the holidays cozy at home with a movie and some hot cocoa. 

On the other hand, you may feel a sense of obligation to show up for family or another occasion and that is fine as well, but you need to do your own work before hand to make sure you can take care of yourself if something comes up. One of the biggest mistakes people is the expectation that toxic people should grow and mature, but once you realize your wants and needs for another person may not manifest that way you see that you have more power to shape your emotions and where you spend time.

In the end, we’ve all got things to improve on, so recognize how you’re showing up and make sure you take care of your needs before jumping into situations that may not treat you best.

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