#178 How I Prep For A Month Long Vacation From My Business

Building a business or brand is incredibly difficult to maneuver and one of the most important parts of maintaining that hard work is to make sure you plan time to relax. However, how are we supposed to take time off when we’re managing a team?

We often hear about how major CEO’s or entrepreneurs struggle constantly, pulling overnighters, and making sacrifices to get their dream off the ground. However, I think if you really want to be successful you need to implement self care into the structure of your business and regularly take breaks to recharge. Not only will this greatly benefit you but it will empower your team and send a positive message as well.

In this episode we cover the importance of taking time off of work, planning your schedule ahead time, empowering your team along the way, and more tips on painting healthy habits to sustain your business. 

In the end, we’ve all got to take a break at some point to recharge, so start planning your routines around self care before you start to the feel the burnout creeping in. Do this and I promise you’ll continue your success for the long term. 

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