Sales Is A Process

Ever been so excited about launching a product or service with HUGE sales goals and end up utterly disappointed? Yeah, you and me both. I created some of the most amazing products and started talking about them to my, created lead magnets to capture those that expressed interest and prepared for the launch of my […]

Help! I’m Not Making Money

Entrepreneurship is one of the greatest business schools you will ever enroll in, but it will also be the most challenging. One of the reasons is because when you start a business there are business expenses and we are optimistic enough to think that we will be able to¬† not only recoup our investments, but […]

What Entrepreneurship Looks Like Series

The journey into entrepreneurship is such an attractive thing, but once you are on the inside, its everything but that. I’ve been having conversation after conversation with new entrepreneurs that have either made the decision to quit the venture they embarked upon, are on the verge of quitting due to failure or those that are […]