Sales Is A Process

Ever been so excited about launching a product or service with HUGE sales goals and end up utterly disappointed? Yeah, you and me both. I created some of the most amazing products and started talking about them to my, created lead magnets to capture those that expressed interest and prepared for the launch of my LIFE!!

And then BOMBED

I couldn’t believe it! I made all the right products, I have all the “stuff” done RIGHT. How come I didn’t hit my goal?

It took a while to figure it out, but I got it: SALES IS A PROCESS!!!!

Just because we create an amazing product or service, doesn’t mean our audience is:

  1. Desiring that
  2. Desiring that from YOU
  3. Financially ready
  4. Willing to invest that amount in YOU

Now I know you are like, what do you mean, Im awesome. Well that may be absolutely true, but SALES IS A PROCESS.

No one hears about Tesla today for the very first time and then drops $100,000 on a car.

The average person wants to spend time learning, researching or would rather buy something smaller from you before investing in your major product or service. Now I don’t think Tesla has anything small to purchase, but a person looking into buying a Tesla will spend an enormous amount of time learning about them, with the sales rep and of course test driving and probably praying about dropping $100K on a new vehicle. LOL

So today I want to encourage you to do a few things:

  1. Take the time to learn about what the sales process looks like for YOUR products or services
  2. Ask your audience what are they in need of and what they desire to purchase from YOU
  3. Poll them to see where their money is.

If the audience you are targeting can’t afford what you are selling, then you don’t lower the price, you have to target a new audience.