Launching A Podcast

Podcasting is an amazing way to reach your audience while they are on the go. We spend thousands of hours working from computers, driving in our cars and on the treadmill or daily walks, and we are listening to “something” right?

By choosing to create a podcast, you gain your audiences attention for at least 20 minutes throughout the day, week or month with your creative content. For me, I talk about life, business, relationships and religion, of which I do on live video as well, but I have noticed that my audience has been consuming a lot more of my audio content because its easier.

Let me explain!!!

For someone to read my blog or watch a video they have to stop what they are doing in order to consume the content right? Well with podcasting they can drive, run, walk, cook, shower and work without have to give their undivided attention to you. It’s an amazing way to teach and inspire your audience for just 20 minutes a day.

I did a training on this on my recent podcast, take a listen HERE.

Battling Insecurities

If you’ve lived longer than 5 minutes on the planet, you’ve battled insecurities. Whether it’s how you were raised, what you hear and see on television or just by sheer comparison, we have all dealt with them.

Honestly – I STILL deal with them.

So I decided to share a little bit on the Podcast today.


Persisting Thru Failure

FAILURE is such an ugly word, but it is a REAL word. I don’t know about you, but there have been so many moments in my life where I have felt like a complete failure. Whether that is watching my bank balance go hundreds of dollars in the negative, going through a divorce, watching my weight increase or in my business, launching a product or service and seeing NO ONE purchase.

I have truly felt like  failure in so many seasons of my life, but I have learned something about that ugly word called failure..


After bouncing back so many times and learning from my MANY mistakes, I realized that Failure Exists Only In The Grave. If a person is still alive with the opportunity to try again then they are not failures, just in  that moment they may have failed.

On this weeks episode of the podcast, I talk all about a recent moment where I FAILED and instead of feeling like a complete failure, I just decided to talk about it and keep it moving.

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