Persisting Thru Failure

FAILURE is such an ugly word, but it is a REAL word. I don’t know about you, but there have been so many moments in my life where I have felt like a complete failure. Whether that is watching my bank balance go hundreds of dollars in the negative, going through a divorce, watching my weight increase or in my business, launching a product or service and seeing NO ONE purchase.

I have truly felt like  failure in so many seasons of my life, but I have learned something about that ugly word called failure..


After bouncing back so many times and learning from my MANY mistakes, I realized that Failure Exists Only In The Grave. If a person is still alive with the opportunity to try again then they are not failures, just in  that moment they may have failed.

On this weeks episode of the podcast, I talk all about a recent moment where I FAILED and instead of feeling like a complete failure, I just decided to talk about it and keep it moving.

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