3 Reasons Not To Be Afraid Of Tiktok

People are dealing with lots of different fears about TikTok. I know that some of you are thinking, “I don’t wanna be on another social media platform,” but I know that you want to make more money in your business, which means you have to reach more people, so I’m gonna keep harassing you about TikTok! #1 – It’s JUST ANOTHER social media platform! When you heard about Facebook, or Instagram, or Periscope for the first time, you didn’t know what was going on with them. But with every platform, there are people who adapt and change to become a part of it. The same way you had to learn how to use Facebook, you can learn how to use TikTok! Be an early adapter! #2 – You DON’T have to do EVERYTHING or learn everything today! You don’t have to be an expert to start today and just start creating. I didn’t know everything when I first started, but I am enjoying my time on there, because I decided to stop being afraid of it, to learn it, and to understand that I didn’t have to be everything or know everything. I just had to BE PRESENT. I teach you every aspect of which buttons to press and how to use the app in my training course, Monetize The Tok. You also get access to me every single week on a live chat, answering all of your questions about TikTok, until 2020 is over! Learn from my experience and get ahead of the trends quicker. #3 – “I don’t wanna have to dance!” You don’t have to! You can choose your content! It’s not just a dance platform, it is a social media platform. Take Tabitha Brown, for instance, all she does is show you her making vegan food, and she’s got three million followers in two months! It’s not about doing a dance, it’s about who are you targeting? I’m teaching branding, business, consulting, and talking about my book, and I’m still promoting those things through my personality and being more creative. You get to come on the platform and be YOU, but a MORE CREATIVE VERSION of you!  Utilize the content you already have, and change it around creatively to fit the platform. TikTok is FOR YOU, you’ve just gotta make a choice to do it. Join us inside the course Monetize The Tok, where I’ll be walking with you building your audience on TikTok!

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