3 Reasons to Join Clubhouse

After downloading the Clubhouse app two weeks ago I am officially SOLD! For a few months I watched as friends of mine encouraged me to download this “invite only” app, but being that I was already busy with Instagram, Tiktok & Facebook I didn’t see the value in downloading yet ANOTHER social media app.

It wasn’t until my best friend of 25 years kept talking about the app, offering me her (1) invite to the app that I really became curious. You see I have been an entrepreneur for YEARS and my friend is a fairly new entrepreneur that doesn’t post a lot on social media, and the fact that she was so excited about the app intrigued me.

After months of protesting I downloaded the app, somehow gain immediate access and was invited into a private room.

If I can be brutally honest, being brought into a room creeped me out so I immediately left & vowed not to open the app again for a while. LOL

Needless to say, less than 24 hours later I opened the app again and entered into my first big room. I was blown away at the high level conversations taking place, the opportunity to ask questions to industry experts that I have looked up to my entire life and provide value on my experience with Tiktok made me an instant fan!

So today I want to share my top 3 reasons I think you should be on Clubhouse:

  1. Building relationships with people you may have never had the chance to meet off the app. In a matter of 2.5 I have begun building real relationships with people that have similar values, business goals and are genuinely GOOD PEOPLE in such an authentic way. When you are in a room “on stage” with a person for hours day after day you begin to develop a true appreciation for them, how they think, live their life and as a fellow entrepreneur, how they operate their business. One of my favorite people I met on the app is TerDawn DeBoe. 
  2. Growing your business without paid advertising. My first week on the app we generated over $2000 without truly knowing what we were doing and without doing a direct hard sell. I decided to provide value on our Tiktok success and when a person asked if we had a course I encouraged them to check my bio and boom, we gained a ton of new customers. Now on a daily basis we are selling products and services without directly offering anything, so I can only imagine when we do offer things directly.
  3. Developing as a person by listening to conversations you normally wouldn’t be invited into. I recently jumped into a Clubhouse room where they were discussing stocks to invest in in the year 2021. I would NEVER jump into a conversation around stocks as it feels like a foreign concept, but I did anyway. I was amazed by house EASY they made it seem and they weren’t using language that was confusing.

There are so many other benefits to the app Club house, but my recommendation is that you just download it and see for yourself.

I decided to create a FREE TOOL to help you navigate the app once you gain access, you can grab it by clicking HERE

NOTE: Currently it’s only available to iPhone users, so for those on the Android train, it’s going to be a little while unfortunately.