3 Reasons To Use TikTok For Business

 TikTok is still the fastest way to be able to grow your audience, your reach, and your brand in 2023. 

I know we all have Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other platforms. 

I love them and I use them, but TikTok is still the fastest way because of the behavior of people on TikTok. 

And in this article, I’m gonna give you the top 3 reasons why you should be using TikTok for your business right now. 

So first things first, it’s really important to understand that I am a business consultant before I got on TikTok. 

I’ve been in business for over 20 years. So I’ve been doing this thing for quite some time. 

And so when I’m giving you my opinion about TikTok, I’m not just saying this as a TikTok strategist, as a TikTok, or whatever.

I’m telling you this as a marketer and as a business. 

Now, here’s the thing, as a business, one of the number one things that we all need is traffic. 

We need people to know that we exist. And so that’s why a lot of us pay for traffic. We pay for ads and all that. 

I pay for ads too, but if you can also get it for free, you should be going to get that and this is why TikTok is the place to do it because the algorithm is learning your target customer right now.

They’re on TikTok right now searching, watching all different types of content, even if they only watch content about toilet paper. 

So what happens is that when you learn how to create content on the TikTok platform and you learn about your audience, or just bring what you already know about your audience to the platform, then TikTok is gonna start taking your content and showing it to those people.

So reason number one is because your competitor isn’t there. 

99% of business owners are still not marketing their businesses on TikTok. And so what that means for you is that if your competition isn’t there, then you’re the only pregame there. 

I’ve had so many of my clients that say I’m searching for people like me on TikTok and there’s nobody there, and they get upset about it. 

But you get to be the only game in town. 

If you’re constantly teaching people, for example about jewelry or you’re selling these types of necklaces and you’re the only one selling them, when you’ve got millions of people on this platform, then everybody’s gonna be coming for you. 

You don’t wanna wait for all of your competitors to get on TikTok to start marketing.

You wanna corner the market now. 

You wanna become the market leader for what it is that you do on the TikTok platform. 

And so the number one reason is because your competitor is not there. And if you are there cornering the market, you. 

The second reason why TikTok is a place to be is because that is where most people are spending their time.

The data is out and it has all been said that people are spending more time on TikTok than they are on YouTube, on Google, on Facebook, or Instagram and even television. 

Yes, people are spending more time watching TikTok than White Lotus, Wednesday, Dahmer, or whatever your favorite shows. 

People are on TikTok. Why? Because they’re there being entertained, because TikTok is serving them up content that they know that they would be interested in. 

And so that means that your audience is on this phone all day, every day.

All day, every day scrolling and commenting and sharing and sending links to people.

Think about it. When’s the last time you got a message from someone and you said, watch this video? Or you actually shared a video and told your group chat to watch this particular video. 

People are spending so much time on TikTok. 

And so the thing is, it used to be back where we wanted to have a commercial, like on television. Because people were spending so much time watching TV. 

Well, today what you wanna do is you wanna have a commercial on TikTok because people are spending their time scrolling and watching content on the TikTok platform. 

So that is why you wanna be there. 

And I know you’re probably already saying, “Well, but I don’t understand TikTok. I’m trying to create on TikTok and I’m not getting any traction” 

Well, the reason is probably because you just need some help with what you should be doing, and if that’s the case, we are able to assist you with one of our services called TikTok Account Management.  

And then, the third reason why you wanna make sure that you are on TikTok is the amount of money you can earn from the platform. 

I’m not talking about the creator fund or TikTok paying you. 

I’m talking about your ability to sell your products and services. 

Now, as business people, we all know that it’s not about followers, likes, and shares.

It is about coming in contact with an audience of people and then getting them off of the platform onto our email list. 

Listen, I haven’t seen any platform organically allow me to generate these many leads so fast, absolutely free than on the TikTok platform. 

And so if you’re saying to yourself, I wanna earn more money in my business, then you have to reach more people.

Now you can raise your prices. You can sell your current client list, more products and services. Or you can actually add new people to your funnel and be able to sell those people. 

And so by combining the fact that your competitor isn’t there, that your audience is there consuming content like crazy and the amount of money you can earn on TikTok, those are the three reasons why you should be marketing your business on the TikTok platform. 

It doesn’t have to be challenging. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming, and you don’t have to do anything that is off brand for you. 

You literally can do what it is that you want to do on the platform. 

Just learning the culture and creating content that’s for the culture.

Furthermore, one of the biggest reasons why some of you haven’t started using TikTok for your business is because you don’t have the time to learn a new app or engage with a community.

You see the value of being on the TikTok platform but really need someone else to run it for you..


We are now offering Done For You TikTok account management services where we will:

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