3 Reasons Why You Should Livestream NOW

I’ll never forget the day Periscope came out and friends of mine began teaching business principles and selling one on one services to viewers. I thought it was the craziest concept and that they were going to fall flat on their faces, until I found out my friend had surpassed $10,000/month.

I received a message encouraging me to get on board with livestream, because I would be great at it and could make a significant amount of income. I honestly was nervous about the entire process, mainly because I didn’t understand the platform, didn’t feel like I had anything to offer and didn’t want to fail in front of hundreds of people, but I went live anyway.

I’ve come to absolutely adore livestream and have been able to generate well over $400,000 because of it.

So today I want to give you my Top 3 Reasons to Livestream NOW

  1. It’s FREE

I worked in advertising sales for many years and let me tell you, it is VERY expensive to advertise to your target customer through traditional methods. Today you can go live on social media and reach THOUSANDS of people and it only cost you your time.

  1. It Builds Trust Faster

When operating in sales you must understand that sales in a process. The Like – Know & Trust factor play huge roles in converting prospects to actual buyers. Through livestream you are able to create this much faster because your audience can hear, see and feel you.

Ever been called into an in-person meeting because they want to do a deal with a person face to face? Well this eliminates a lot of that because they see you live and can also ask you questions live.

  1. Shareable Content

Many times I find companies uninterested in livestream as they feel that it’s a waste of time, yet they still have someone posting on social media, hire content creators and have someone writing blog post. Well with one piece of livestream content you can take that SAME content and turn it into: A Blog Post, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram Post.

You actually will have content for a few days from just one livestream video

Hopefully this helps your perspective on the benefits of livestream and you or someone in your company will get started streaming today.