3 Things Holding Your Business Back

Having success in your business or even in your life is gonna take a couple of different things.

And a lot of times, what we do is we want a thing, like, I want to lose weight, I wanna make a bunch of money, I wanna have a great relationship. I wanna have whatever those things are. 

But I think that sometimes we’re not really looking what is it that we’re actually doing to have that?

And in this article I’m gonna tell you about the three things that I feel like is holding you back from having success in your business.

But I’m not just gonna tell you what’s holding you back.

I’m also gonna tell you what you should be doing.

And so specifically we’re gonna talk about your business because you may say to yourself, “I want to be a full-time influencer, or I want to be a coach, a consultant. I wanna sell product services, cor uh, courses or whatever.” 

But here are the three things that I see and experience on a regular basis.

Whether it is in my personal life when I was first getting started or just trying to be consistent.

Or with some of the people that I coach in my programs, but also my V I P clients that are one-on-one.

So one of the first things that typically holds a person back is they don’t have a plan.

Is that “I want to do this, this is what I want to accomplish. I wanna make a million dollars by the end of next.” 

Great. It’s an amazing goal, right? And I love it when people set goals and say, “This is what I’m gonna do.”

But a lot of times people don’t actually consider or really think about a real plan on how to obtain that.

For example, I remember when someone had asked me, they say, “Well, in a perfect world, how much money are you making by the end of next year?” I said “3 million dollars.”

And he said, “Okay, so you’ve made 400,000 this past year. How are you gonna go from 400,000 to 3 million?”

And I said, “Well, you said in a perfect world.”

 He said, “No, I meant more realistic.”

And I was like, “Oh, okay. Well, in a perfect world, I would love to hit 550 or even 750 since I did 4.”

 And he said, “Okay, that’s a great goal. Do you have a plan to be able to get from where you are, to where you’re trying to go?”

No, I don’t.

He said, “So first things first, you gotta build a plan.”

So there’s a book that I read years ago, which is called The UH, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Steven Covey.

And one of the first chapters in his book is begin with the end in mind

Now, I am so sold on this concept that in my book, before you quit your job, my number one first chapter is “begin with the end in mind.”

And of course, I like reference Stephen Covey.

I’m not like plagiarizing. But I talk about beginning with the end in mind, and so it’s if the goal in your business is to make a hundred thousand dollars by the end of this year.

Then you go, “Okay, it’s a hundred thousand dollars!”

How much money do I have to make each month to make a hundred thousand dollars?

Well, it’s right around $8,333. Okay.  I know. You’re like, “how’d you do that?”

It’s right around $8,333 per month to get to a hundred thousand dollars for the year.

So if that’s the thing, then we have to go, “How in the month of March, April, May, June, July, how are we gonna generate $8,333 per month?”

What are the products and services that we are gonna sell in order to do that?

Then once you figure that out, then you gotta develop this as a strategic plan on how to actually do that.

Which brings me to my second point is a strategy.

So it’s not just like, I gotta go from this to this, to this, to this.

But now it is “What is my strategy to not only enact this plan, but also hit this goal.”

So when we go back to the $8,333 you make per month to get to a hundred thousand dollars, then you have to go, “Okay. If that’s what I have to do”

 Right now is April, 2023. Let’s just say you wanna make  $8,300 in May.

Then you have to go, “All right, in May, what are the products and services that I’m gonna sell?”

Then you have to determine “How am I going to sell these products and services.”

Are you gonna do them through paid ads? Are you gonna do a webinar?

Are you gonna do email? Is it gonna be courses, is it gonna be consulting, is it gonna be live training?

Are you gonna do some type of brand partnerships?

What is your strategic plan of getting to $8,333?

For example, we have a course which is called Monetize the Talk, and we have a digital version of this course.

If you’re interested in learning how to use TikTok marketing, we have a very detailed business course called Monetize the Talk.

You’ll see that here in the description. You can, you can buy that.


But we also have it to where we do what we call a “launch only twice a year”.

Where it’s not only that digital course, but it’s also working with me every single day for two months.

Right where you have the course and you have me live and all the things. For two straight months.

And so when we are offering that twice a year, we have a plan like, “Here is our goal. We wanna sell these, many of these courses, this mastermind.”

So then we go, okay, what are the ways and steps that we’re able to do this?

We do webinars. We have paid ads. We have lots of graphics. We have emails. We do lots of short form video marketing. We have affiliates. We use chatbots through services, like many chat. We have our text message system

 All the things in order to be able to, to, to, to be strategic with that particular plan.

It’s really important for you to go, “Okay, yes, I’m trying to hit $8,000 or 8,300 in the month of May, and I wanna sell A, B, and C.”

But ask yourself, what is your plan? Have you created a strategic plan?

Now you may also be saying, “Well, no, like I don’t know, and I don’t know how to.”

Well listen, if that is the case, listen, I’m your girl.

I would love to be able to serve you. So we have our digital course, which of course is here in the article.

But you can also book a one-on-one call where I can help you develop an entire plan with you live on our call.

It’s gonna be a 75 minute call.

So first you gotta have a plan, and then second, you gotta have a strategy.

And honestly, here, this third one is the biggest reason why people don’t have the success they wanna have.

Why? Why are they held back?

And it’s because of consistency.

It’s because people just aren’t consistent.

We are not consistently doing the thing, even when no one is looking, that we’re not consistently doing a thing, even when we feel tired.

I’ll just throw myself under the bus. One of my things has been that I wanted to grow my hair long, like really long, and while I wash my hair on a regular basis, I style my hair on a regular basis.

I’m not intentional about going to the salon and having my ends trimmed.

I’m not intentional about giving my scalp what it needs all the time and I’m just not extremely intentional and consistent with all the things I need to be doing for my hair to want to grow.

Or it could just be weight loss, right?

So I’ve been on the journey of weight loss or what have you.

My number problem is consistency.

And it’s not just consistency going to the gym, it’s consistently eating the things that my body needs at 40,.

Because what worked for me when I was 20 and 30 does not really work for me because of hormones and all that at 40.

So I have to be consistent with the things that my body needs as a 41 year old woman.

And so I’m not getting the results that I want and I’m being held back with my fitness goal because of a lack of consistency. 

I teach people TikTok marketing strategies and one of the things that I see that happens with a lot of our clients is they are consistent for a little while and then they drop.

And maybe it’s because they’re not having the fast success they want to have happen, or it’s because they just did not prioritize being consistent with the platform.

I know you can relate.

You got the things right.

So if you’re gonna be successful.

If you’re gonna hit your goals, whether that’s life goals, that’s your business goals, whatever it is, you gotta make sure that you, one, develop a plan, two, have a strategy, and three, you’ve gotta be consistent.

And if you need help with that, again, like I said, we have courses and you can work on me one-on-one.

But I promise you this, you can do this.

Like if we look at so many people who are incredibly successful, it is just because they made a decision.

Not because they made a decision one time, but they made it again and again and again, and again and again.

And so today. This is your moment to decide.

I am gonna make a decision to not be holding my own self back anymore.

And you’re gonna develop a plan, a strategy, and be consistent.

Now, if you are saying to yourself that you want help with TikTok. 

One, we do consulting, if you want some one-on-one consulting. Just click here for more information about this program. 

Two, we do have some courses that really walk you through all the things of TikTok, how to market your business and make money on a TikTok platform.

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We look forward to working with you.