3 Things you need to Grow Your Email List

You’re not growing an email list, just a following online? 

No, that’s not what you wanna do. 

Today, I wanna talk to you about three reasons why you need to grow an email list. 

Now listen, I know that you are building a business online. 

I know you’ve got this amazing following on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and wherever people are watching you.

But today I really wanna talk to you about the value of having an email list and the three things that you need in order to have a successful email list or to get people onto your email list. 

So first, let’s talk about why you even need an email list. 

So Mark Zuckerberg, we know he owns Facebook and Instagram.

He owns it, right? 

So at any point in time, Mark could make some changes. 

Mark could choose to sell a thing. 

Mark could choose to say, “you can’t reach your audience anymore without an ad” 

He could do whatever he wants to do because he owns Facebook and Instagram.

ByteDance owns TikTok. 

They can make a decision at any point in time on how they want to run their platforms.

And you own your business. And so you need to make sure that you are the one that is 100% in control of your business at any given time. 

As a business owner, I’m a business coach where I teach business owners how to make money online, and specifically we focus on short form video and TikTok.

My job is to make sure that at any point in time if I want to talk to my current customers or potential customers, that I have the opportunity to do so. 

And as it pertains to social media, while I love it, I have no control over social media because I don’t own it. 

It’s not my platform.

The only way that I own something is if I have control.

 And so building an email list is how you are going to have control over being able to contact your people. 

Now, I’m not talking about control in the negative sense of making people do things or manipulating them. 

No. I am specifically talking about the ability to do a thing.

So for example, you have control at your house. You know that if you buy food and you put it in the refrigerator that nobody can tell you that you can’t have food because you bought the food. It’s your place. 

Same thing goes for marketing. 

So that is why you need to be building an email list. Because here’s what happens. 

So I currently have about 490,000 followers on TikTok, and I love my people. 

I love my community. But guess what? If I go live, I’m not guaranteed that 490,000 people are gonna get an alert to come watch me live. 

I am not guaranteed that if I post a video on TikTok, that 490,000 people are gonna get an alert that Keenya Kelly just posted a new video.

But if I have 490,000 people on my email list and if I send one email, 490,000 people are going to receive an alert and that is having control. 

That is having control over my business. 

And so the thing is that you’ve gotta figure out how you can get people off of whatever social platform that they’re on onto your email list.

And so today I actually wanna give you those tips on how you’re gonna be able to do that. 

So the first thing you need to make sure is that you have your audience. So this is not number one, but you have to make sure that you know your audience and you know what they need. 

For example, because I teach digital marketing to business owners. I know that my audience is having lots of different struggles as it pertains to marketing.

Now, specifically with short form video and TikTok marketing, I know that 99% of my audience is trying to figure out how in the world I create content on TikTok. 

How do I know this? Because I ask them. 

On a regular basis, I’m in my, on my email list, I’m on my Facebook groups, I’m everywhere trying to find out what is the problem people are having.

And when I speak live, I’m always asking the room, “what are you guys struggling with?”

So because I know that, I’m going, “Okay, here is my audience, I’ve identified my niche and my people. Here is what my audience is struggling with.” 

So then it is my job to determine what solution am I going to provide to my audience that will help them with their issue, and that will bring them onto my email list.

Because it’s really important to know this, even though you wanna get people off of social media onto your email list, that they’re not just gonna join your email list because you want them to. 

People are going to join your email list because you are giving them something. 

There’s something that you are giving them that is causing them to want to join your email list. 

And typically what it is you give them are a free PDF or a free training of something that’s like in exchange.  

So for example, I like Sephora. I shop at Sephora for makeup, and Sephora wants my email address.

Why? Because Sephora wants to have control. 

They wanna be able to contact me at any given time. 

And so when I go to their website, they say, “give us your email address and we’ll give you X percentage off to your next order” 

And I’m like, “percentage off my next order? the order game on”

So they can control and then I get the discount. 

So as it pertains to you and your business, you’ve gotta find out what would motivate your people to give you their email addresses. 

So for us we have what’s called our 10 TikTok templates. So you literally can go to www.keenyakelly.com/tiktoktemplates

And here’s the deal. When you go and download this, it’s gonna give you our top 10 videos on TikTok that you can use to create content around your business. 

So, It’s gonna give you a PDF guide that is beautifully designed.

It’s gonna give you a link to the video and it’s gonna give you a tutorial on what to do in order to have success on TikTok.

With these particular videos, all of our people that download these are like, “this is great, this is easy. I can do this” 

And so they get what they get, which is a tutorial on creating for TikTok. And then we are able to get them as a new person that has joined our email list. 

So we found out what they needed, we created it, and then we offered it to people.

So you have to make sure that you have an offer and you can’t just make up a random offer.

You have to create an offer that your audience actually needs. 

Now, I’m not saying this needs to be an expensive offer. I wouldn’t go and give people an hour of my time to join my email list because I just don’t do that.

I have a price for if somebody wants to work with me one-on-one. So I don’t do that. 

And some people do a 15 minute discovery call. I don’t recommend that because that’s still your time. And you could end up with like a thousand people booking discovery calls with you and you don’t actually get paid for anything.

And so, I just don’t recommend that. 

So you wanna determine what it is that you can offer to your audience that it will serve them.

It’ll be great for them. They will love it. They will stay on your email list, and then you get them on your email list. So that’s number one, your offer.

The second thing you need to have in order to build an email list is you have to have a way to actually capture the leads.

So remember, our goal is to get them onto our email list. 

And so what we have decided to do is, let’s just say it’s our templates.

We’re gonna give our 10 TikTok templates as our offer. 

So here’s what has to happen. You need a couple different things. 

First of all, you’re gonna need a webpage. This is a thing people are gonna go to with the link in order to be able to grab your offer.

And so when they go to the webpage there, there’s gonna be a form that is on that page. 

And when they fill out that form to get the offer, what happens is this webpage should have a way for a person to be able to receive the offer.

So the webpage has to have a form. And then this is what’s gonna cause the trigger to happen.

We use a system which is called Kartra. The templates are saved on the inside of Kartra, and all of this is connected. 

So when someone goes to this webpage, they enter the information into the form. This form then triggers Kartra to give the templates to that person. 

So you have to have the webpage with the form, with the software that is gonna house your offer that you’re gonna deliver.

And for us, it’s our templates. 

And then guess what happens? We get our goal with people joining our email list. 

And make it very simple. You should’ve your email software system, or delivery tool. And then you have to have the actual product that you’re gonna give to them. 

Now, if you don’t know how to do this, then my recommendation is that you can hire someone.


 You can literally outsource this. You can go to a website like upwork.com. And you can hire someone to create this for you because I don’t know how to create this.

And instead of me trying to figure out all those things, I just found the person to do this for me so that I could focus on reaching my audience and giving them the opportunity to grab our templates or whatever our thing is. 

So you have to make sure that you have a way to deliver the particular offer that you are gonna offer to your audience.

And then the last thing that you need is you need a marketing strategy because here’s the deal. Just because you build it doesn’t mean that they’re gonna come.

I know we all have seen the movies and heard the quotes. If you build it, they will come. 

Listen, that’s not actually how it goes.

You gotta build it and then you’ve gotta market that thing. 

You gotta constantly give people the opportunity of knowing that it exists. 

It’s not enough for it to be in your bio on Instagram or on TikTok. You are gonna have to constantly market that offer, letting people know what it is that you have to offer so that they can purchase it.

I’m not telling you that you have to do all of this stuff, but there are so many ways to market. 

So first of all, you know, I love TikTok, and so I’m always telling people that it’s important for you to start using organic marketing. 

Paid marketing is great, but it’s also very expensive, and so if you’re gonna go the paid route, Also have the organic route.

That way both of them are giving you what you want. 

You can use a long form YouTube Video, YouTube shorts, TikTok, Instagram, Instagram reels. Facebook, Facebook reels, Pinterest, or podcasts. 

You can also use speaking at events, live events, virtual events. You can do networking.

There are so many ways to drive people to your opt in. 

I love running ads and organic marketing.  

And if I ever speak at an event, if it’s live, I like to have a QR code where people are able to go and download that thing that I had there.

If it’s virtual, I like to have a QR code there as well, but I like to be able to say it at the end. 

To grab our 10 TikTok templates, go to www.keenyakelly.com/tiktoktemplates

Especially if I offer to speak at somebody’s event for free, then in that regard, I’m making sure that I am able to make that offer for that thing, otherwise I’m just speaking for free and not really getting any benefit from it.

So, just a little tip, if you’re speaking for free, you make sure you’re getting something out of it. 

Don’t just let people say you’re gonna get exposure. 

That’s another conversation for another day. You can get your own exposure. You can get your own exposure with short video, long video, all the things, but I digress.

So you need to have a strategic marketing strategy in order to get people to come into your email list. 

Listen, this is gonna make you so much money. This is gonna help save you a lot of headache. 

You know, every time we launch my course, I have a mastermind course called Monetize the Tok, where we work with business owners for two and a half months. 

And 99% of the time when we market this product that 85% of the people that purchased this are coming from our email list.

The last time we made a hundred thousand dollars when we launched this. 

And we were tracking and we saw what we made over $85,000 from email. 

Why is that? Because we focus so heavily on getting people onto our email list all throughout the year so that when it’s time to market this, we’re just marketing to the people that are already in our community that we’re not having to spend so much money on paid ads because we’ve already done that with our free tools so that now the community is here.

We’re nurturing them, talking to them, serving them, and then when we make the offer, they’re already there and it doesn’t cost us a ton of money to be able to do so. 

So if you found this valuable, be sure to tune in for more. Because I’m constantly teaching you strategic ways to build and market your business and to be able to make more money. 

If you would love to work with me, I would love to have you. 

You can enroll in our course, Monetize The Tok, where I teach you In-Demand TikTok Marketing Skills, How to Build Your Audience and Grow Your Consulting Online Business.

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