3 Tips to Improve Video Quality on TikTok

Creating high quality videos for social media is extremely important as you literally only get a few moments to capture someones attention. Some people may say that the quality of your video doesn’t matter, but if you were scrolling on Tiktok or any social platform and you had to choose between a dark video or one that is well lit, which one are you most likely to click on? Without a doubt, the video that looks higher in quality! This doesn’t mean you have to create a whole production studio in your home or office, but it does mean you need to pay close attention to the quality of your videos in order to get the “biggest bang for your buck… or time for that matter.” Here are 3 Tips to Improve Video Quality on TikTok:
  1. Purchase an external light, also known as a ring light. You can get a light for as low as $12 or as much as $300. I purchased a ring light 4 years ago for $170 and just recently had to replace it, but it helped me generate well over $400,000. So Im pretty sure my $172 purchase was more than worth it.
  2. If you’re unable to purchase a ring light, make sure that when you are recording your content that you are in front of a big bright window or in a room with a lot of overhead lighting. 
  3. One of the GREATEST features on the Tiktok app is the TIMER feature. This gives you up to 10 seconds to get in place for your video allowing your video to begin exactly where you want it to begin. Have you ever watched a video from someone that hits the record button and then has to snap in place….. well on Tiktok you can avoid that by using the timer feature.
These are 3 VERY SIMPLE tips to help your video quality that to you may not make a big difference, but make a huge difference to your followers. If you want to learn more of the Tiktok basics be sure to enroll in our brand new course Tiktok Basics by clicking here.

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