3 Ways to Get the Most Out of TikTok Sounds

Jumping on Tiktok trending sounds is the easiest way for your videos to go viral. Today I want to offer you 3 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Tiktok Sounds.
  1. Uploading sounds yourself. This does not include copyrighted materials but original sounds only. People on Tiktok love taking cool sounds and turning them into creative videos and once the sound begins to catch on your surely will find yourself blowing up on the Tiktok platform.
  2. Do creative – different things in your Tiktok videos using sounds that are trending. Yesterday I saw a sounds on Tiktok that was trending like crazy, so I decided to create a video that had nothing to do with what everyone else was doing and within an hour we hit over 10,000 views. VIEW IT HERE This can be fun or funny stuff and it can be business related.
  3. Create videos and in the caption and text overlay, ask people to DUET YOU!!! Click the link to see what I am referring to as a duet. You can do a duet with a cool sound or use his actual sound and make your own video.
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