EP: 196 5 Branding Strategies For Growth On TikTok

Growing a brand on TikTok does not have to be hard, but you do have to be intentional and strategic.

You guys know that I recently talked about how I launched a second account on TikTok, so I could be more of my personality, more of all the things Keenya Kelly and not the marketer.

And as a result, I’m watching that account grow a lot faster than my business account because that one is way more intentional about the audience than when I first got started on TikTok.

And so on this blog, we’re gonna talk about Five strategies that your brand needs to do and put in place in order to have success on TikTok.

In case you didn’t know, I have two accounts. My main account is @KeenyaKelly, which has 490,000 followers. 

We’ve been building that for the last three years.

Then I have my Second account, which is called the @KeenyaKellyBrand. 

That account is more so focused on me as a person and not me as a marketer. 

And so I’m able to position myself as an influencer to work with brands in so many different areas versus only those that are in the business type of arena on my main account.

And so I wanted to give you five of the strategies that I use on both accounts and that I also use with our private clients. 

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So let’s go ahead and get into it. 

Some of the things that people say on TikTok all the time is that you don’t need to choose a niche, but I need to like, “Okay. Let’s just take TikTok out of the picture”.

 In general, when you have a business, when you’re trying to sell a product or service or reach a certain group of people, you have to have some sort of niche.

So a person that cooks on TikTok, cooking is their niche or a business; Someone that has hair care products is their business; Someone that is a comedian on TikTok comedy is their business.

And so you have to choose some type of niche to have success in anything, whether that’s in your business or if that’s on the TikTok platform form.

Okay, so let’s bring TikTok back into play. 

The first thing that you wanna focus on is a niche.

You’ve gotta figure out what it is that you’re gonna be doing on the TikTok platform. 

Now I’m talking to you as a business owner, so you already are clear on what it is that you do and who you do it for.

And so it’s really important to know this.

“That your brand does not have to be somebody different”. 

You don’t have to focus on another group of people if you don’t want to. 

You don’t have to create a brand new product for the people that are on TikTok because truth be told, there are millions and millions and millions of people on TikTok that are on Instagram and on Facebook or may even have left those platforms for TikTok. 

And so your same audience is there. 

It is just you’re just creating a little bit differently. 

So you have to make sure that you focus on a niche. 

We all have heard of Dr. Pimple Popper. 

And what does she do? 

She doesn’t talk about plastic surgery. You don’t see her talking about BBLs. 

You only see that account if you’re interested in Dr.Pimple Popper, watching them pop pimples. 

That is all you are gonna get there.

 So for example, you’ve got someone like Tiffany Haddish, who is a comedian.

You’re not really gonna see Tiffany Haddish for the most part right now, in any kind of serious role because she is just so funny and she is naturally funny the way that she is.

She just matches in a comedic role. 

So for you and for your brand, if you are gonna have success on TikTok with your brand, you’ve gotta make sure that you are focusing on your niche and on your niche audience. 

And that is how you are gonna have the greatest amount of success, not only with the amount of followers but being able to get your desired result.

Because your desired result as a brand is “leads” to your business and to your products and services. 

That’s it! 

You don’t really care if you get to a million followers. 

You really want the people to buy your products and services. 

That is all you want. 

And the way to do that is to focus on your niche.

The second thing you wanna focus on is you’ve gotta be intentional about how your content is structured.

When people go into the TikTok platform, they’ve got a second and a half before somebody may scroll away and watch somebody else. 

You have to think about the beginning, middle, and ending of your video before you ever hit the record.

You have to draw people in.

Your content has to be structured in a way where they have this need for you as they’re watching you

Or they have this need to tell others about who you are and what it is you do and how you can help them. 

Because a lot of times people don’t realize that the reason why videos go viral is that there’s some type of draw-in from what is happening in that video.

And then there’s a need because of what happened in that video for people to share their content with a friend.

Now, we don’t particularly care about going viral, but my point in saying that is when people watch our videos, we wanna have that viral type of effect that causes people to be drawn into what it is that we have to say.

And that causes them to ask questions and to have this feeling and belief that, You are their problem solver.

Oftentimes, when I’m teaching people about strategies for increasing revenue in their business or working with brands, I’m positioning myself in a way with my expertise that I’m good at.

I’m positioning myself in a way where the viewer is saying to themselves, “oh my God, this is good information” 

They’re not worried about me, on how I look and on how my background looks.  

They’re getting so much value with the thing that I’m talking about and what I’m teaching them. And now they are drawn into me, my content.

They also probably have a question about the thing that I’m saying which causes them to engage and comment, and then oftentimes it causes them to follow me. 

They end up going into my bio, and grabbing our free training or joining our 3-day challenge or something like that. 

That is often what happens as I draw people into my content.

And that’s not like I’m trying to manipulate people. 


I’m teaching people what I know and giving them incredible value, but I’m positioning it in a way where I’m teaching them and they’re like, “this is my go-to person for TikTok tips for business and marketing tips” 

I want more of her. 

I’m gonna follow and I’m gonna opt-in and I’m gonna purchase whatever it is she’s selling.

So you wanna make sure that your content is structured in a way that does that for your people. 

The third thing you can do to position your brand on the TikTok platform for growth

And now here’s my disclaimer. 

You don’t have to do this to have success, but I’ve just given you a tip, just in case you wanna use it.

If you wanna research any trends that are happening on TikTok that you can apply to your brand.

There’s this trend, this sound where I believe the person was like calling somebody and they were stuck on hold. 

And we all have that like “hold music”. 

You call the doctor’s office and you have that whole music.

And so there’s this sound on TikTok and it goes, “even when the sky comes falling, even when the sun don’t shine. I got Faith in you”. 

And I now listen, that’s a real person’s song, but the sound on TikTok is somebody singing it. 

They’re like, they’re holding their phone. They’re just like, “even when the sky comes falling, even when the sun don’t shine. I got Faith in you”. 

And so that became a thing on TikTok!

But it also became a thing because there’s this little effect on TikTok that shows only the eyes and the mouth.

So when you hear that sound on TikTok, you usually are seeing eyes and a mouth and then text on screen. 

And so for example, I love Chipotle, so I’m always talking about Chipotle. 

Chipotle can use this in a way of somebody sitting in their car waiting for 9:00 AM when Chipotle opens. 

Or somebody that’s like sitting at their desk at work and they’re like, “even when the sky comes falling, even when the sun don’t shine”, while waiting for lunchtime, because they brought Chipotle to work or for lunch.

And so, when you think about these things, they seem really dumb. 

But if it’s a thing that is happening on TikTok and there is a way to apply that particular trend to what it is your business and your brand does, then that’s something that you can utilize because it’s part of the culture.

People understand it.

And again, as I said in point number two, it draws people in, right? 

So there have been so many times where I have seen an ad on TikTok from a major brand, and they use some type of sound or something they said in a video that was an ad, and like a person that’s not on TikTok doesn’t get it, but they said it in their ad video and it made you go.

What’d they know about that? 

Because you’re like, “the McDonald’s, just talk about the Busted challenge or whatever it is.”

We as people that create content on TikTok, there’s a culture there.

And so if you’re learning how to use these trends on the TikTok platform to apply to your business and brand, you’re gonna find yourself with an audience of people that are like, you’re cooler than other people.

So when I was at a Mastermind here in San Diego and one of the ladies said, “we’re in leadership and we teach ABCDEFG but we’re very fun people, but our marketing is very boring. How can we come on TikTok and have fun with the content that we create?” 

And I’m like, “it’s very easy. I just have to show you what that looks like”

And that person gets it. 

That person is like, “yeah, we’re tired of having our marketing look so boring when we really are not boring people” 

And, that is what I’m saying as it pertains to trends. 

The fourth thing that you can do to position your brand for growth on TikTok is you can partner with other creators and channels on the platform, meaning that you could do a live stream on TikTok. 

Like for me, I teach TikTok strategies for businesses. 

I can partner up with another content creator who teaches TikTok and we can do a live stream together where we take questions that are pre-approved, that are pre-submitted, and we answer them, and we give people our business advice.

Giving people our business guidance or we could partner with a creator who is an influencer and they make their money through brand collaborations. 

But I’m a business consultant who also teaches TikTok.

I could collaborate with an influencer, and then her audience or his audience is here, and then my audience is here.

This influencer could be asking me questions in a way where she or he is trying to learn how to not just make money from brands, but how to also be a course creator, a consultant, or whatever, and make even more money, long-term automated money without having to create content. 

But also that influencer, I could actually have a list of questions for them, asking them..

“How do they position themselves to be able to make X amount of dollars from brands?” 

“What do some of their best brand’s contracts look like?”

“What do some of their worst contracts look like?”

“ What are some of their best experiences?”

“What are some of the dos and don’ts?”

“If you get invited on a brand trip in a different state or a different country or whatever?”

What happens is that when you go live on the platform, your audience sees it, but then when you go live with the other creator, their audience sees it.

And so both of their audiences are seeing you all at the same time. 

So not only will you end up growing your account, but you’ll just get more visibility to potentially more of your target customers than you could have if you did not collaborate with this creator. 

You can also do that outside of livestream.

You can do that with a duet, where you all have already thought it through and all that, and you create a video and they’re gonna duet your video. 

Or you guys can just do things offline where you’ve created a part of the video and they’ve created a part of the video and you splice the video together to be able to put it out on the platform in that way. 

There are so many things you can do to be strategic in growing your brand and business on the TikTok platform, and collaboration is definitely one of them. 

We all know that collaborating is huge anyway, but that’s definitely one that you can do.

And then the last thing that you wanna do for this is you wanna focus on valuable content, which is very similar to what I was talking about.

How your content is structured. 

You wanna have valuable content. 

When I say that about valuable content you wanna be serving your audience through whatever it is you do.

So let’s just say you are a perfume brand.

Obviously, your audience cannot smell you, but in what way can you create content that educates people on.

Let’s just say this, this scent does X, Y, and Z, or this flower and this whatever does X, Y, and Z, or here’s how to pair this flower bomb or whatever.

For Valentine’s Day, you could be having an influencer who she’s like getting dressed for a date and she’s putting together this outfit with this, with this, with this, and she’s got whatever perfume she adds to that.

Oftentimes for me as a creator, I’m often teaching people based on the questions people have asked me in my comment section.

So oftentimes people will see me post something on TikTok or somewhere else, and they’ll come to the comment section and ask me a question. 

That’s a great piece of content to create because somebody’s asking about that instead of me, who always has to think about new content.

I just take what’s already people are already asking me, 

But I can also do a search on the TikTok platform to see what are the top-performing pieces of content in the business, in online marketing, in course creation, and in TikTok marketing.

What are the top things people are asking or searching for? 

And when I do things like that and create that type of content, it’s valuable because the market has already said, “Hey, I have a question about this”

All of us have questions about this, and if you answer this, you’re gonna answer this question for hundreds, maybe thousands, and potentially even millions of people who have that same question.

And so for you, if you are saying to yourself, I’m gonna use 2023 and I’m gonna use TikTok to grow my business

Then listen, if you need help with that, I want you to join the 3 Day TikTok for Business Challenge. 

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