5 reasons you are not growing on Social Media

If you’re not growing on social media, there’s a reason why. 

And in this article, I wanna talk to you about the five reasons you’re probably not growing on social media, but what you should be doing differently. 

One of the things to know about social media is that we all want to be able to grow a following no matter what channel you’re on, whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, wherever. 

We all want to grow a following, but a lot of times we fail to really realize that people don’t follow us because we want them to follow us. 

They follow us because there is something they’re getting from us and they want to see more of it. 

And so I wanna give you the five reasons why if you’re not growing on social media, why it’s not happening.

The first reason why is because you’re probably not showing up consistently. 

I know that a lot of times we are like, “well, I got busy, or this happened” 

And listen, the truth is all of that probably is happening and did happen. But it is the reason why you’re not growing because I need you to understand the habit of a person.

Let’s just say you wanna go to your favorite restaurant, whether it’s fast food or whatever, and you never know when they’re gonna be open. 

You’re just like, “I thought their hours were this to this. This one they were open this time, and the next time they were closed on Thursdays”

People don’t like inconsistency. 

It’s like the only restaurant that we know is closed on a certain day is Chick-fil-A because they’re closed on Sundays. 

But we know that there are hours Monday through Saturday when they are open. 

And so the same thing goes for you and for your social media accounts, people wanna know that you’re gonna be there regularly.

Doesn’t mean every single day. Regularly could mean every single week. 

There are people that are on YouTube who only post once a week. 

That’s like my YouTube channel. We post twice a week and that’s it. 

We’re not gonna be here every single day posting a new video, but we will be there every Monday and Thursday.

And so if you’re wanting to grow, whether it’s your YouTube channel or TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, wherever, you’re gonna have to start being very consistent. 

And so it’s important for you to choose what is going to be your posting cadence. 

And that choice is literally up to you. 

If you already know that you’re already busy all the time, then bank on posting once a week.

 And what you could do with that to make sure that you’re consistent is you can do what I call batch recording. 

It is where you would normally record one video per day or whatever.

You could sit down in a day and record your four videos for YouTube or whatever channel you’re gonna use, and then you schedule it. 

And then that way, those four things are done for the entire month. 

And then in two weeks, again, you can record another four videos that are gonna help you to be consistent and it’s gonna help people to trust your channel, or whatever platform, and knowing that your content is gonna be there every single day.

The second reason you’re probably not growing is because you’re not talking directly to your audience. 

Now, I know a lot of times we say I’m putting content out there for everybody, but the truth is we’re not putting content out there for everybody. 

So let’s just say your channel talks about cats. 

It’s amazing but people who don’t like cats are not gonna watch your videos. 

And so if you’re a person that talks about cats, then you need to focus on having your content talk directly to cat lovers or cat sitters, or vets or whomever. 

So for me, on my channel, I talk about business and marketing.

A person that wants celebrity gossip is not going to be interested in this particular channel because they’re not gonna get any of that from it. 

So my job is to talk directly to you who is watching about what it is that you wanna see and what you wanna experience. 

That way you will follow my channel.

And so the same thing goes with Instagram. A lot of times we think that, “oh, if I post this funny reel or if I post this great image that everybody will follow me” 


When people choose to follow you, subscribe or whatever, it’s telling them that, “Hey, I like this person’s content. And I want to see more of this person’s content”

So you really have to understand the concept of a follow. 

People follow or subscribe because they’re saying, I wanna see this on a regular basis, right?

That’s why we pay for subscriptions or we start a series on Netflix because we wanna see this thing all the way through. 

So if you’re gonna grow on social media, you have to make sure that you are spending time talking directly to your audience in all of your videos.

The third reason you may not be growing on social media is because you don’t appear confident in your videos. 

I’m not saying that you gotta act like you are Beyonce or whomever in your videos, but you do want to be someone that people like to watch.  

That doesn’t mean what you look like. Are you pretty or not pretty? Are you skinny or not skinny? 

It just means that you want to appear confident in your videos, whatever it is you’re doing, whatever it is you are talking about. Because you are being the subject matter expert or whatever. 

It’s like you could have a vlog channel where you’re talking about yourself and your life as you are vlogging. 

Well, you wanna be confident about you, confident about your life.

It doesn’t mean that you are perfect, your life is perfect, or like all circumstances are always perfect. 

It does mean that you’re just confident being there on camera. 

Because the worst thing that we all can experience is watching somebody on camera who’s fidgeting. 

You can just tell that they’re not really confident being there.

They’re just really uncomfortable to watch. 

It’s like how uncomfortable would you feel if you’re constantly seeing me adjusting myself and I’m like making sure that everything is okay and I’m looking off to the side and it makes you feel very uncomfortable, right?

So you have to make sure that you are and appear confident on camera.

The fourth reason why you may not be growing on social media is because you’re not providing value. 

Listen, when a person chooses to rather watch a short piece of content or a long piece of content, there should be something that they’re getting from watching you. 

So we watched the movie Wednesday on Netflix, the series because we were being entertained. 

So many people, not me, watched Dahmer on Netflix because they were being entertained by the craziness of what happened with Jeffrey Dahmer. 

Right now, people are watching on YouTube and on TV, the Alex Myrtle trial to see if he’s gonna be found guilty or innocent of murder. Because there’s an entertainment thing that is happening with people. 

And so let’s just say that you are a business owner and you’re teaching people about a thing very similar to me. 

People have to be receiving some type of value to make them want to watch the content and subscribe or follow. 

Now, I keep saying this, but I’m just trying to drill it down in your head so you can fully understand why people are making a decision to follow.

And so if you’re watching some people’s accounts grow like crazy and yours is not growing, it is because of what you’re saying or what you’re putting out there. 

People are not finding the value with it. 

And it doesn’t mean that your content isn’t valuable. 

But you’ve gotta find a way to articulate it in a way where it’s valuable and where people say, “oh, I enjoyed this and I wanna see more of it”

Think about some of those channels you follow. 

They have this feel good content where they’re going out and they’re helping someone, like a homeless person or they’re giving money to someone, or they raised money for a cause and you’re constantly seeing that on your feed that is easy to follow.

Or there’s this channel on Instagram. I just started following a guy who does voice overs of animals doing crazy things, and he’s saying this crazy stuff as he’s doing voice overs. 

It’s so funny. 

And it provides this comedic relief. 

You never really see the guy. You just love the experience of it all because it’s providing value.

So you wanna make sure that if you wanna grow on any social platform that you’re providing value.

And then lastly, the number one reason why you’re not growing on social media is because you’re not creating shareable content. 


So what does that mean by shareable content? 

So shareable content is basically where you have provided value in your video in some type of way that makes people wanna share it. 

Think about this, when was the last time you grabbed a link on social media and you posted it on other social medias or you shared it with friends in their inbox or through a text message?

That is shareable content. 

If you are a content creator in terms of like a business teacher, then how can you create content that teaches a personal thing that makes them aave it for themselves and share it with somebody else. 

So for example, you’ll see people on Instagram that have these things called carousels, where you look at their feed and there’s an image where you can see that there’s like multiple images that go along with that image.

And if you keep swiping, each slide is providing value, right? 

So that is shareable content. 

That’s the stuff that people wanna share with their friends, but they also wanna share in Instagram stories, Facebook stories, or other different places, so that way other people can get value from it.

Because here’s what happens with shareable content. 

So let’s just say that you did a carousel on Instagram. And then you shared it to your Instagram story. You’ll see whomever shared it, right?

Let’s just say I see your carousel and I have 20,000 followers on Instagram, and then I share it with my stories. 

And if I have a thousand people watching my stories every day, and all of them see that.  

That’s an opportunity for that piece of content of yours to reach a thousand people who then learn that you exist and then they can come and follow your account.

Does that make sense? 

I see people all the time who take a piece of my content, share it to their Instagram stories, and I’ll see maybe a hundred people that come and follow me on Instagram because of that content that I put out. 

Somebody shared it with their audience and then they came back to me.

So that is how you can grow on social media and with the last one being shareable content. 

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