5 super easy TikTok ideas to go viral on TIKTOK

Going viral on TikTok is one of the key factors if you want to grow as a course creator. After some time on TikTok, I realized I had to go viral if I needed to reach and communicate my business ideas to other female entrepreneurs. However, on a business standpoint, the ultimate goal is NOT always going viral… It is interacting with your target customer, having your Call to Action in your videos, and creating a stream of revenues. 

Since I am a go-getter for everything excellent, I discovered some TikTok ideas that can help course creators go viral, gain a massive following, and start making money on TikTok.

So, here are five easy TikTok ideas to go viral, grow like, and followers:

1. Take advantage of trends and hashtags. 

I never make a video without adding a trending hashtag because I know that people follow trends. People crave information; one way to find it on TikTok is through hashtags. 

So, I ensure that my videos or posts highlight the trending subject while delivering my content. You know the last thing anyone should do is ignore the Tiktok algorithm that helps trends and hashtags. So be on the lookout for trend alerts like the ones I share often and hashtags, and tailor it to your niche. Trends get more eyes on your profile and boost your traffic. This is also important if you want to make money on TikTok.

2. Be generous with tips and ideas.

One of the things I learned about myself is the gratification I got from sharing tips with other course creators. This formed my passion for helping more female entrepreneurs with whatever worked for me in my business. Do you know what that did? It brought tons of followers, likes, and shares, and it felt good to give value to people. If you are following me on Tiktok, you can attest that I’m constantly sharing tips that fellow female course creators will find useful.

For you, start by sharing what worked for you because you will have to respond to visitors’ comments. So, you must be knowledgeable and convincing to bring more engagement. In addition to sharing tips, I always make a bold call-to-action followed by frequent postings because visitors will love to check for follow-ups. 

3. Feature your pet. 

Nothing brightens moods like seeing a cute cat or any other pet before you. It warms the heart and draws more views to your profile. This is because people love watching pets do pet things. 

So, if you own a pet and are yet to make a video with your furry friend, you should try it now! Pet duet videos are also adorable if you don’t own a pet. My trick is sharing some quick tips on a random subject or something peculiar to the pet on the screen too. 

4. Make A Dance video. 

Dancing videos never go wrong on Tiktok, and you may not be a terrific dancer, but the feeble moves help a lot. This is a trend that content creators discover and often use, especially if they are skilled dancers. Plus, people love watching beautiful dance moves and are likely to follow creators that use dance to pass a message and get entertainment and value. 

Whenever I need to send out some actionable hacks, I begin with some harmless body movements because action attracts action. When you demonstrate in your video, you will have people liking leaving comments and sharing, and the algorithm draws in more followers. 

On the other hand, if you cannot dance, feel free to use the duet feature and have some dancing theme accompany whatever idea you are sharing. What’s more? It gets better if you use trending music and dances. 

5. Join Challenges

Social media is a hub of different challenges, and just as it is a trend, it always attracts engagement and followership. From Silhouette challenges to bucket challenges and many others, people love trying them out. It gets even better when the challenges feature valuable content. 

So, if you are wondering how to incorporate your business offerings into a TikTok video, try the duet feature; that is how I integrate it into my content. I know short, sweet videos are lovable on Tiktok, but if you are featuring a challenge with your business ideas, you can make longer videos. People will watch, like, and share when it contains valuable hacks, and sharing brings in more viewers and followers. 

It is quite easy to go viral on TikTok, especially if you have the right tools. That said, it is time to start putting in the work, and don’t forget to do a “thank you” video to appreciate all your new followers.