Season 3 EP: 54 – Using your gifts to serve the church

Have you ever been curious about the spiritual gifts you possess and how you can employ them to enhance your life and the lives of others? Join us as we walk you through a captivating dialogue where we challenge the traditional norms and beliefs about the use of spiritual gifts, primarily in the church. We […]

Your Mental Health Matters

I’m watching so many people that I love either break down or try to go back life as usual when they are actually needing a time out. I recently sat myself down one evening on the carpet in my apartment to truly look at MYSELF. I realized a lot of things and today I want […]

Your Brand Image May Need Work

A branding mistake that I made when I first started marketing online was the lack of knowledge I had around my brand image. I didn’t know what I didn’t know, but today I want to assist you with what I wished that someone told me.

We Moved To San Diego

Its been a few weeks since we moved to San Diego and today I want to tell you all about it and how I am navigating through the transition.

Everyone Isn’t Ready For Full Time Entrepreneurship

Going full time in business is NOT something everyone should or will be able to do. Its extremely hard work and if you haven’t developed disciplines, daily habits and truly know what it takes, it can really effect your life. Today I want to chat with you about the truth as it pertain to full […]

My Job Changed My Life

Working a full time job has a bad reputation in 2021. People think that running business is easy and that all you have to do is post a pic with Kim Kardashian and then you’re a millionaire. But I am so thankful for the jobs that I had, they changed my life.

Why I Was Afraid Of Live Video

I was so afraid of what could happen if I hit the red button to go live on Periscope years ago. I mean you would not believe me, if I told you. But I was… Listen in as you hear how I dealt with my fear. 

Why I Shifted My Business In 2021

I asked myself a really hard question at the end of 2021. Do my goals match my actions. The answer was startling and caused me to shift my business for 2021. I want you to listen in to see if you can hear yourself.

Being Paid Your Asking Rate

It never feels good to share your prices with a potential client and their response is that your prices are too high. But the truth is, we have all experienced it, so don’t take it personally. Today’s episode I will talk about how I have dealt with that and how to determine if your prices […]