Season 3 EP: 54 – Using your gifts to serve the church


Have you ever been curious about the spiritual gifts you possess and how you can employ them to enhance your life and the lives of others? Join us as we walk you through a captivating dialogue where we challenge the traditional norms and beliefs about the use of spiritual gifts, primarily in the church. We promise to open your eyes to the concept of using your divine gifts beyond your primary gifting, shining a light on how you can foster a sense of community, encourage, uplift and inspire those around you.

In the first part, we dive deep into the subject of using spiritual gifts, emphasizing the importance of using these bless and encourage others without drawing attention to oneself. Our narrative takes a compelling turn when we delve into the often overlooked issue of feeling forgotten in church leadership. We explore the delicate balance of utilizing your gifts in church service without feeling taken advantage of, emphasizing the importance of expressing your needs.

Journey with us as we step outside the church walls and into the real world, discussing how spiritual gifts can be implemented in everyday life, from street ministry to business landscapes. Discover the power of everyday conversations as avenues to spiritual topics, providing opportunities to uplift and bless those you interact with daily.
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Understanding your spiritual gifts is definitely one of the foundational things that every single Christian needs to know. 

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