Build For Tomorrow, Not Today

If you’re considering starting a business, I want to give you one MAJOR piece of advice that I had to learn through experience:

Build A Business For The Life You WANT Not The Life You Have!!

Let me break this down….

As of today, I want you to take a life assessment by asking yourself a few of these key questions:

  1. Why do I want to start THIS business?
  2. Is this something I want to be working on for the next 10, 20 , 30 years?
  3. Am I willing to invest all of my times and resources to THIS idea until its successful?
  4. Am I will to take time away from my family, friends, and favorite things to do in order to make THIS idea work?

Now I know you may think that these questions are a tad big negative, but hear me out. Many times we get excited about a new business idea or venture, we get into the creative process and starting posting, talking or what have you about this new THING without truly thinking it all the way through.

For example, for those that are in the apparel business, it was a GREAT idea to create Wakanda Forever shirts in addition to all of their regular merchandise during the hype of the movie Black Panther, but its NOT a great idea to specifically start a business focused on Wakanda Forever. Why?

Because people will only buy the merchandise during the hype and not 6 months later when they are focused on Game of Thrones. Plus, you have to ask yourself, in 5, 10, 20 years will I have wanted to pour everything into this idea and truly believe it could be the million or billion dollar business.

My answer to that is definitely NO! It IS wise to start a T-shirt business and its all centered around DC or Marvel movies in a sense or just those that are in love with that type of movie theme because people in that genre are going to be there FOREVER!

So when you are considering what your business is going to be, you have to ask yourself these hard questions or you will find yourself building a business for today and not for what you really want to be doing or where you want to go.