Building a brand with short form video

If you’re not using short form video to build your business, this article is for you.

Let’s talk about the fastest way to be able to grow your business on social media right now.

Now, I know you already know this. I know you already know that TikTok, Instagram reels, Pinterest idea pens, YouTube shorts, and Facebook reels are out there.

But what you don’t know is how many people were sort of kinda invisible before they started creating short form video content.

And here’s what you need to understand.

So the average attention span of a person right now is 8 to 11 seconds.

If I wasn’t counting and had a whole thing I was talking about here, you would’ve gone away because the average attention span is 8 to 11 seconds.

And so when we are trying to build a business online, we’re trying to get people to know that we exist, know that our products and services exist.

Then we have to create content or market to them in a way where they can receive it, where they will actually see what it is that we have to offer.

This is why, if you notice that commercials have gotten shorter.

They’ve gotten more creative, they’ve got lots of different movements in them because of our short attention span.

And so if you are starting out building a business online, or you already have a business for a while and you’re saying to yourself, “I wanna market my business and one of the ways that I wanna market my business is social media.”

Now you need to be using short form video. 

Now let me explain something to you.

So I have some friends of mine who have been testing out what happens when they take their short form videos they created for TikTok and for Instagram reels and putting them on Facebook reels.

The results are insane. One of my friends just grew to over 300,000 followers on Facebook.


Because Facebook reels are short bite size pieces of content.

Just like Instagram reels, YouTube shorts, and TikTok, that people can digest and learn more about you, who you are and what it is you do and what it is you have to offer.

Now, I also just had a client meeting earlier today with someone who is a comedian.

She does tour stand up comedy and all the things, and what she was telling me was that, she has watched some of her friends who were on tour with her the same as her, who nobody knew who they are.

And they started creating bite size pieces of content on TikTok and have exploded with millions of followers.

So now there are selling out stadiums and all this stuff.

All because they started to build  brands with small pieces of content.

Now here’s something I want you to know about you, us, and then your potential.

Think about it this way, if you are, let’s just say you’re scrolling on YouTube, or you’re scrolling on Facebook and you’re scrolling.

You’re just there mindlessly doing whatever it is you’re doing to be entertained.

And you come upon this video and this video says something that is appealing to you because the person has created a piece of content that is directed at you.

So they’ve thought about their hook, they’ve thought about all these different things before they ever, you know, created the video.

So then you know you’ve got, like, this video is, let’s just say it’s 30 seconds.

Well, now they’ve got your attention with the, probably the first opening line in their video, which could be one to two seconds in their video, and then they’re keeping you there.

Let’s just say 30 seconds because they are serving you a piece of content, something that you are interested in.

It could be comedy, it could be a cat or a dog video.

It could be teaching you how to use short form video to build your brand or whatever it is, but the video was 30 seconds.

You didn’t have to stay there for five minutes, 10 minutes, 20, 30 an hour.

You got something from them within 30 seconds.

The average person, if they enjoyed what they got from you, right?

Some people will scroll away and say, “Oh, that was good.”

Some people will hit like on the video or they may write a comment on the video.

Some people will then go and click on your page and see who you are and what it is you have to offer.

They may then scroll and watch more of your short pieces of content.

And then some of them may also go and click on the link in your bio and then go, “Oh, this person can actually help me with A, B, C, D, E, L, G,” whatever.

But ultimately, the reason why they were able to make any kind of like action, whether it’s liking, comment, clicking on your profile following whatever is because you were able to capture their attention with this small bite size piece of content.

So, so often I will find myself, I’ll come on to TikTok or even Instagram after being off all day long.

I posted a video earlier and I’ll come on and I’ll have hundreds of notifications, and the reason why I have so many notifications is because somebody saw a video of mine.

They liked what they saw.

They clicked on my profile.

And they kept watching other videos, video after video, after video, after video, after video, because that first video captured their attention.

And now they wanna know more about me, more about what it is that I do, and to see how I can help them more.

Because I teach people how to market, market their businesses online.

So the reason why someone is able to binge watch my content, is because I’m creating short form video marketing.

So there’s so many people.

For instance, right now, not TikTok, but Chipotle has a new offer in their mobile app where you can get the Chicken El Pastor, which is their chicken with a certain type of seasoning and pineapple.

And it’s available only in the app, on the app store.

Well, the reason why they have that is because of what has happened on TikTok and people were creating little bite size pieces of content around Chipotle and got connected to Keith.

And now they have what’s called the Keithadilla.

And there’s a whole thing that is going on through Chipotle because of these small bite size pieces of content.

But also what happened was that when Keith started talking about Chipotle and the way that he eats it, millions of people.

So it’s all this, and then they all ran to Chipotle and started to eat this quesadilla.

Now, I’ve never had a Chipotle quesadilla, but I really wanna go and get it now because

everybody is talking about it because I’m seeing these small bite sized pieces of content.

Talk about Chipotle. Okay? So it doesn’t matter what it is that you sell, whether you are a comedian, whether you have a cat or dog business, whether you have a cat or dog personality.

Or you’re selling, you know, basket weaving or sewing or whatever, right? Whatever your thing is. 

If you start using short form video and creating bite size pieces of content, you’re gonna find yourself growing a lot faster, especially as an online brand like you’re following and all that.

Which will then lead to growing your email list, because hopefully you are building an email list using social media, and then you’re gonna be able to convert these leads into actual paid customers.

A lot faster. 

I hope you found this valuable.

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