#139 The Reality of Building a Successful Online Community

Today, Keenya talks about the reality of cultivating an online community while staying rooted in authenticity and integrity. She’s also giving you an honest look at the blessings and the challenges that have come up for her as she has expanded her audience and influence over the years. Lastly, she’s diving into the personal growth and healing that connecting with thousands of people has led her to pursue. Keenya thought this honest share would help you move forward boldly in growing your own online community – understanding that it’s totally normal to hit roadblocks along the way! Please let us know if you liked this type of episode!

In this episode, you’ll find out: 

  • How growing my online community has helped me increase my impact and income 
  • How my childhood and “trust issues” have presented challenges for me in forging connections 
  • My strategy for overcoming these mindset challenges  
  • What my support team looks like 

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