#140 Can you Really be Successful and in a Relationship?

can you really be successful and in a relationship?

Is it possible for successful women to “have it all”? Can we juggle building businesses, raising kids, and cultivating healthy relationships? The short answer is YES, and Today Keenya is uncovering what she believes to be true when it comes to balancing success and relationships. 

You’ll gain insight into: 

  • Keenya’s journey with divorce 
  • The unique dynamic required to strike a healthy balance between success and partnership 
  • Keenya’s biblical perspective on relationships and success 
  • How Keenya plans to shift her schedule and lifestyle when she remarries and has children

You’ll walk away from this episode with the unshakeable belief that you can have it all as a woman – the success, the money, the husband, the family. No matter what that dream life looks like for you, it’s all available to you. 


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