How To Use Livestream To Grow Your Business

Live streaming is the number one way I started building an online community years ago. Because the thing about a live stream is that when you are live you can talk to people and ask them to share your content live. And often times they’ll do it! But also when you are live you’re not […]

How to develop a video strategy for marketing

If your company doesn’t have a video marketing strategy you need 1. Because video is the number 1 way to reach and connect with an audience using social media in 2024. Today we are going to have a conversation about what you need to do to develop a video marketing strategy for your business this […]

EP:253 5 Instagram Reels That Take Less Than 10 Minutes

Creating reels for Instagram does not have to be hard. But also you can create reals with what you do in your everyday life every single day. In today’s episode I am going to highlight 5 Instagram reels that take less than 10 minutes to make, actually they take less than 5 minutes to make […]

EP: 252 10,000 TikTok Followers In 90 Days

Growing an account on TikTok takes strategy. Not only does it include choosing a niche and knowing who your audience is but it’s being very intentional and strategic when asking people to follow you. In this video I’m going to give you 12 steps on how you can grow 10,000 followers on the TikTok platform […]

EP: 251 How To Build A Brand That Sticks Out

Building a personal brand is such a fun creative experience but it can also be an overwhelming one.Especially if you’re just getting started! Because we have the tendency to feel like we have to be everything, tell everything and be the Jack of all trades or just be only one thing to everybody forever. But […]

EP: 250 Reels and TikTok Algorithm Changes For February 2024

Instagram and TikTok have a ton of updates for the month of February regarding what you need to do to:  – Get more views on your content– Grow your following – lead people to your offers and – Avoid being banned.  In todays episode, we are going to talk about all of the Instagram and TikTok […]

EP: 249 TikTok SEO + Keywords

TikTok is a super hot search engine right now partnered with Google!And you need to know how to use this for your business in 2024in today’s episode I am going to explain what is happening on the tick tock platform right now and how to use SEO keywords to reach your target audience.—-Free guide: TikTok […]

EP: 248 How To Get More Views On Videos in 2024

Getting views on your content in 2024 is harder than it was in 2023. But it’s not hopeless, you just need to implement the strategies I’m going to share with you today to get more people to view your content so that they can take an action with you and help you grow your business. […]

EP: 247 Mastering Difficult Conversations

When building your business, you are going to have to learn how to handle conflict. Whether that is conflict with team members, clients, service providers or even people on the internet. You are not going to be able to avoid having to deal with conflict.  Today on the Keenya Kelly Podcast, we are having a […]

EP: 246 Is Going Viral Necessary or Overrated

The idea of going viral is something that every business owners has found appealing at one time or another.  Because let’s be honest… Who wouldnt want to reach millions of people for free and sell out of your products overnight!  But with that I have seen where going viral. is the ONLY strategy some people […]