Season 3 EP: 61 – Celebrating Christmas As a Christian

There is a lot of debate about whether or not Christians should celebrate Christmas because we know that Jesus wasn’t born on December 25th. 

No one had a Calendar and so there’s been so much debate over whether or not we should celebrate Christmas. 

And because Christmas is right here, I want to have this conversation about what should we do as Christians. 

One of the hot topics that always come about, especially right now is Christians and Christmas. 

I won’t say that it’s like a viral topic or that it is the number one thing the media is talking about or Christians are talking about, but it is a subject of conversation dependent upon what we’re talking about.

I was married a couple of years ago and my ex-husband was one of those people who was not a fan of Christmas, decorations, and all the things.

And I was like: until I get convicted about it, I’m about to get this Christmas tree, and somebody gave us one. 

When we were having these conversations, he had his viewpoint on what he felt about Christmas and Christians.

Then over the years, I have heard other people having this same type of conversation when it comes to Christmas. 

And I went to Google and searched: Should Christians Celebrate Christmas? 

The first thing I saw was: what does the Bible say about Christmas?  

And then there are some scriptures. It says, “Mary gave birth to Jesus and wrapped him in swaddling clothes and laid him in a manger”, (Luke 2:7)

“An angel appeared to nearby shepherds with good tidings of great joy. The angel told them the son of God had been born and they, um, and they hurried to find their newborn savior”, (Luke 2:8-16) 

I wanted to keep going for a couple more frequently asked questions on Google, and this one was: What should Christians do on Christmas? And there’s a list of things that people feel like you should do by Christmas.

Then there is this one that says: Should Christians have a Christmas tree?

It’s not the date of the year that makes having a Christmas tree or plant in your house wrong, it is simply a symbol of life and even early Christians viewed it that way.

Using a tree within Christianity as part of Christmas celebrations is certainly not Christian by any means.

Jesus is the resurrection and the life. 

Basically, there is nothing written in the Bible about Christmas.

After that, I decided to look up something that people always talk about and it’s the word pagan. 

“The definition of pagan is a person holding religious beliefs other than those of the main or recognized religions”. 

What does it mean to be a pagan? “You could be considered a pagan if you don’t believe in religion or you worship more than more than one God”.

“The original pagans were followers of an ancient religion that worshiped several gods polytheistically”. 

“Pagan is used to describe someone who doesn’t go to the synagogue, church or mosque”.

Now, getting back to Christmas. do I feel like Christmas has been commercialized? 100%. 

It’s a great way to sell a bunch of things during a period of time.

So you’ve got millions of people buying Christmas trees, ornaments, candy canes, Santa, all this. 

Then you’ve got a billion people going out and buying presents, multiple presents for people during the holidays, and things that go along with the Christmas holiday.

You spend so much money on the preparation

So do I think that the world focuses on Christmas as celebrating Jesus’s birth? No

I think it is more of a commercialized system that we have adopted for how we get together with family, give gifts, have dinners, etc.

However, when I think about celebrating Jesus’s birth one of the things that we do with Easter is celebrate the death and resurrection of Christ.

That doesn’t mean that he died that particular day but we choose a date where we celebrate his death and his resurrection.

And as a Christian, do I feel that Christmas is a great time of the year to celebrate the birth of Jesus? Yeah, I absolutely do. 

Could we do it any other time of the year? Absolutely. We could definitely do that.

And one of the things that I will say that I love about Christmas as a Christian is that there are so many holiday movies about Christmas. 

Many movies talk about the birth of Jesus during that time and even being out you hear about Christmas and Jesus.

For the most part, you are hearing so much about Christ and Jesus because that is Christmas music for the most part. 

So we see these movies and we talk about prodigals coming home. 

And I hate the word prodigals.

I don’t want to be called somebody who was wayward and then came back home.

Call me by my name, but that’s not here or there. 

That’s just me and my feelings about it.

When we look at these Christmas movies, we oftentimes watch that disconnected relative who decides to come home.

And then they relearn the meaning of Christmas and family.

And you see families who’ve never gone to church or haven’t gone to church since this person died or just never gone to church but as a result of unexpected events, they end up as a family going to church.

So you see all these amazing things in Christmas movies that we’re not seeing throughout the year.  

So I feel that we as Christians have to remember that we are in the world.

And that our job is to be the light in a dark place.

Our job is to be safe and be the salt of the earth. 

That means we were sent here from heaven to earth to light it up so we’re getting this opportunity to be the light.

It doesn’t matter if people are doing this as a commercialized holiday, we get to bring in God, Jesus, and Christ into the mix. 

You get this opportunity that if you’re going to do lights you can say, Jesus is the reason for a season. 

Christ was born, Savior, Mary, you can do all of that in the midst of what is happening during the time. 

I think that oftentimes some people may find themselves just being so religious, so rigid, and that everything should be this and this but that’s not how the world is working right now.

We get this awesome opportunity to learn how to navigate what is happening and how to win souls to Christ. 

And the way we are winning people is by acting normal just being who you are as you are.

This has been causing people to have curiosity and wanting to know more about me, and my relationship with God because I showed up being myself authentically.

I just hope that you enjoy this holiday season and that you remember that Jesus is the reason for the season. 

As you are with your friends and family during this season, I want you to navigate loving people and not judging them.

Don’t make people feel bad for what they haven’t done but just love on people because the same way you love on them is the same way others loved on you and how God loved on you.

To have you operating in the fullness of who God has created you to be. 

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Thanks for reading.