Choosing Business Friends

There is nothing like having a group of people who just get you. They know who you are, what you are doing, where you have been and just genuinely love who you are. Well these same types of friends are needed in your business.

If you spent the majority of your going after the perfect job, then the people you have associated yourself with are probably exactly the same. This is NOT a bad thing, it just means this is who you are currently associating with. In order to be successful in your new business, you are now in need of adding entrepreneurial friends to your life or you will always feel out of place.

Let me explain..

I moved to California 5 months ago and immediately met some of the most amazing people that came to my birthday party, took my kayaking and just introduced me to all of the amazing things Redding has to offer. The challenge is that while all of those things were and are amazing, there was an aspect of my life that I Was missing. Im a full time entrepreneur and to get others to understand my thinking, schedule and/or “odd” behaviors was super hard.

Due to my experience, I knew that I needed to find the entrepreneurs and get around them too!!!! I joined a few networking groups and within a few minutes at Startup Redding, I met my new friend Anna. Anna loves business, events, learning and networking. The cool thing is that Anna is fun and quirky so I don’t have to always talk business with her, but when I do, she GETS ME!!

Jumping into entrepreneurship is a total different way of life and you don’t need to abandon your current friends, but you do need to add new ones.

Here are a few ways to find new entrepreneur friends:

  1. Facebook Groups
  2. Business networking events
  3. Business workshops
  4. Large conferences
  5. Talk about entrepreneurship in your friend groups and ask them if they know of anyone they think you should meet.

I promise you. In a  year you will be sooooo glad you added new friends to your life, vs trying to make your old friends understand or conform.