Choosing Your Daily Marketing Content

Some people think that they don’t have enough to say across all social media platforms. But the truth is, not everyone has the knowledge you have! If you take all the knowledge you’ve got, you’ll find you actually have content for DAYS! I want to put your mind at ease: you actually know way more than you think!  When I am working with my clients, I ask them to tell me the top ten things they know about their business, or their products and services. Usually I find that they come up with very vague topics, that should be headers, and they need more bullet points underneath those bigger topics. As they go through that process, then they realize how much knowledge they have. I call this a brain dump – just writing out everything they can possibly think of from the experience they have, and all of the topics they have knowledge about. The problem is that many of us think that what we know is normal – but it’s not! Not everyone has that knowledge you have! What is normal to you is not normal to the average person. Your knowledge is valuable to other people. Once I realized that, I began explaining and teaching to people as if they didn’t know anything about it, because that could very well be true. In addition, I use content in different ways across platforms – when I upload a YouTube video, I’ve got to talk about it on my other platforms as well to make sure most of my audience can know about it.  I also find content in my comment sections! I see what people are talking and asking about underneath my other content, and I go back to those to see what people want to hear me talk and teach about. Begin with the end in mind. We’re currently halfway through the year of 2020, and we’ve got to figure out what we’re going to do to reach our goals by the end of this year. We are going to focus on two products per month, and so everything I put out to the world on Facebook, in emails, on the blog, on TikTok, and everything is going to be talking about the two packages we’re focusing on. All of my content needs to be centered around branding and TikTok in order to promote the TikTok course and re-branding package. You want to be strategic and think it through ahead of time, so even if you have a bad day or bad week, you’ve got content ready to go. Finally, don’t try to hide that you’re selling something! If you try to sell without being direct, that’s more like manipulation, and no one wants to be manipulated into buying something. Let your audience know that you’re selling a product or service that could help them and bring them success. If you feel like you need help with coming up with marketing content and implementing it effectively, I invite you to book a one-on-one consulting call with me, so that I can help you personally to build your business. Just visit and I would be HONORED to serve you.

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