Christians vs The Grammys

 The Grammys happened a couple of weeks ago and everybody is going crazy. 

Not as crazy as when Lil Nas X came out with the song Call Me by Your Name and when he had the Satan Shoes from Nike.

It wasn’t nowhere near as bad as what happened with Lil Nas X, but the Christian community went crazy. 

And not just because of Sam Smith and his performance, but also because Maverick City Music was there, labor award and all this type of stuff. 

So I want to talk about the Grammys and we’re talking about Sam Smith, Maverick City Music and all the things. 

Now, the first thing I will say is I didn’t watch it. 

I haven’t watched music shows in a long time just because they don’t really interest me. 

If Michael Jackson was alive, I’d be there. 

If Janet Jackson came back on and did a performance. I’m there. 

Why? Because I have always loved them.

Okay. So, I didn’t watch it, but as it was happening, I’m all over TikTok and all the social media. 

I was watching people just go crazy. 

And then the next day, the social media and everything was just nuts because apparently Sam Smith came out with like “let’s worship”

That was his tweet or something like that, and the people were like, “we’re gonna worship Satan together, or whatever” 

He did his performance, it isn’t a Christian like or whatever and it did not say that he is a confessed Christian but it was like “me, I’m the devil, worship me” or whatever. With all the red stuff and all the different things.

Of course he is not in a hetero relationship or he’s not hetero or whatever. 

The Christian community went wild.  

It reminds me of girls going wild, but not quite. 

And as I was watching people. 

Honestly, I wasn’t surprised to see Christians be outraged by it. 

I wasn’t surprised to see people fighting on social media about it. 

But I will say that I’m always disturbed. I’m always disappointed. 

And I am like that. 

I’m a Christian. I love Jesus and all the things, right?

I don’t worship the devil. We beat demons. So I’m not about that life whatsoever. 

I’m not about the performance that he gave. 

But I say this all the time here on the episodes, that I think that as Christians, we need to do a better job of being good quality Christians. 

So what do I mean when I say that? 

Here’s the deal I saw on social media the next day, what he did and how he did it. 

I remember when Little Nas X was doing what he was doing, he was doing a lap dance with the devil and all the things. 

I remember all that and you know, where I kind of went with, it was like, “okay, these are people who are choosing to take this time to do this”

This is what they have chosen to do in this time that they have been given. 

And I say to myself, “okay, I think there is a reason why he or they have chosen to do this when they got all the eyes of the world on them, there is a reason why they chose to do this” 

And you know, whatever that agenda is, there’s a reason they chose to do it.

But for me, I don’t go into outrage on social media. 

I just don’t go into social media the way that people do.  

I kind of go to a place of like, “oh man, I wonder what is actually happening with him? I wonder what he’s actually feeling? I wonder what he’s thinking when everybody’s talking about what he did”

I wonder how he really feels when the lights are down, when nobody’s around and when he thinks about God and his relationship with God.  

What does he think about as it pertains to heaven or hell? Like what does he think and feel? 

And I wonder what his thoughts are about Jesus? 

Like what is happening with him? 

And not to say this is his case, but a lot of times people have been hurt by “God”, “Christian”, the Church and all that. 

And so, sometimes when people do that, they resort to going all the way over here and doing all the way of what they’re doing over here. 

But not really realizing, them having this outward display or this rage or whatever is actually not helping them. 

It’s actually hurting them even more, because it’s not getting them any closer to God than where they were before they did that. 

But it reminds me of when you get hurt in a relationship. 

Everybody does different things when they get hurt in a relationship based upon their maturity.

And people just choose to do what they choose to do when that happens. Right?

So when I think about Sam Smith and the Grammys, for me it mostly makes me sad. 

It doesn’t make me feel outraged. It just makes me feel sad. 

It makes me feel like, “oh man, I wish he and I were friends”

Where I could be like, “Hey, how was it? How did you feel? How do you feel now? What is your relationship with God like? How do you feel about the devil?” 

I wish I could be his friend so that I could literally just ask him questions. 

Not to give him answers, but just to ask him questions. 

So just to know how he feels and what he thinks.

Same thing with Lil Nas X. He came out with and was talking about how he felt like he was homosexual and as a kid, the church did all this stuff and said all this stuff.  

And then he’s just like, basically F the church or whatever. 

But there’s still this longing for his relationship with God. 

So it’s like, I think that we as Christians, we’re missing the point. 

The point of going out and making disciples. 

Because truth be told, everybody needs Jesus. Everybody needs love. Everybody needs a hug. 

I just saw this mug in my office and it says, hug and a mug. And I think everybody needs a hug including Sam Smith. 

And I just think that we’re just not doing it right.

I think about what happened with Dante Bowe of Maverick City Music. 

I can’t remember exactly what happened to him, but I think a video surfaced of him. 

I think he was drunk on a party bus rapping some rap music and it went viral. 

And then everybody’s like, “crucify Dante Bowe or whatever”

And then when Maverick City Music comes out and says, “Hey, we have parted ways with Dante Bowe” 

They crucified Maverick City Music. 

But I think people are missing the whole point.  

The whole point of nobody’s perfect. But when stuff arises, I think we missed the point of, “what should we do next?”

Is it where we go on social media and express our outrage? 

What are we supposed to do? 

I think what we’re actually supposed to do is pray.  

But I think we do more of this than we do praying and I’ve been guilty. 

Hands down. But that’s just what I feel.

I feel like we just missed the point of it all. To pray and not to lash. 

I remember when Roe versus Wade was overturned and the Christians were like, “Yeah!!!” 

I get it. 

I’m not for abortion either. I am pro-life.

But I think we also missed a point even in that. 

So here is this thing that is happening and this group of people feels like, “my body, my choice” 

And they had this right taken from them. And then all the triple down. 

I think that we as Christians miss the point of like, pause and not say anything. Or don’t do anything. 

Just pray. 

When it happened and I found out, I felt sadness and just I felt indifferent. 

And I said, “why do I feel indifferent? I’m not pro-life” 

And then I felt God said, “it’s because you feel how I feel”

And I’m like, “well, why do you feel indifferent?” 

And he’s like, “well, I’m pro-life. I’m not pro-choice, but I also am pro my people. And right now there’s a group of people that feel stripped. They feel heartbroken. They feel all these different things”

And I know in the Bible it says, you’re supposed to celebrate with those that celebrate and then mourn with those that mourn.  

I think that it was a time for us to recognize, “hey, while we believe in pro-life, there’s also this group of people that are like, what am I going to do?”

And whatever thing that they’re thinking in their minds. 

Whether they’re thinking right or wrong, there’s this opportunity. 

It’s kind of like when you find out somebody is pregnant and has an abortion. 

It’s easy to be outraged that the person had an abortion, but also this person just ended a life that was growing in them. 

And while they may be feeling this, they probably also will feel something else. 

I think that we’re missing the point there. 

We’re missing the vote there. 

And so when I think about the Grammys and Christians, I just feel like we just do such a bad job of loving people.

I just feel we’ve become these keyboard monsters where we just post things on social media where we just get so outraged. 

But what are we doing to actually get love? It’s just sad. 

I always have this indifference to how I feel about all the things.

I want people to be saved. I want people to go to heaven. I want people to have a relationship with God and Jesus. 

And I don’t want people to have to choose God because otherwise we tell them they’re gonna go to hell. 

I have friends that are into all types of things and I’m just not like that.

I am A and you are B, you know it. Right? 

The door is open for when you have questions about A. 

I had some friends for the longest time that would not talk to me about God. 

But they always knew. They always watch and they just know me and how I am. 

They just do. 

And eventually a time came when desperation, something was happening and they came to me and.

“I need prayer. We need prayer. This is going on” 

I said, “okay, let’s go” 

And then I just went into my journey of what I do. You know what I mean? 

Because I left that door open, I never made them come to me, I just let them be. 

And when the time came and they were looking for me, I was like, “oh yeah, come on”

And so if you’re a Christian and you’re reading this, I would encourage you that the next time something happens. 

Before you act or say something. 

Just do this quick pause and go, “Okay. Here is a scenario: Here are X, Y, and Z, but what about A, B, and C?” 

And then especially if people are involved. 

Think about the people, think about how you can be Jesus for the people. 

Does that make sense? 

I do wanna know what you think. What are your thoughts and feelings about the Christians and the Grammys and Sam Smith, Lil Nas X. 

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