EP: 187 Part 7 – Clean up your email list

Welcome back to another topic under our series Top 10 things that every entrepreneur needs to do this year, and we are on episode number seven.

If you have made it this far, meaning you have read all articles from episodes one through six. 

Kudos to you!

And then we’ve got just a couple more to go. 

And the whole goal of these episodes is to give you exactly what you need to kick off the year 2023.

So in episode seven, we’re talking about cleaning up your email list.

We’ve got about 20,000 people on our email list, and I know!

I know that sounds all sexy but if I could be honest, there are probably like 10,000 people there that are just trashed. 

I guarantee there are like 10,000 plus people that are on this email list that are there because of some import we did years ago.

When I had my hair show return to the curls back in like 2007 to 2010 people that are there for my branding design agency, there’s like all these people that are there that care nothing about TikTok marketing.

And it probably explains why we go to SPAM so much because people keep marking us as spam.

One of the things that I decided to do at the end of 2022 was to clean up my email list.

Give people an opportunity to stay if they want to be there and go if they don’t want to. 

The service that I use right now, which is Kartra, they are not necessarily basing my pricing off of the amount of people on my email list.

But I remember when I was with a company called Convert Kit, and every time our list would go up a number, then the price would increase for how much we have to pay for our monthly mailing subscription. 

And I know that there are many services out there like that. 

Convert Kit’s a great service, a hundred percent.

But for me, at the time when we were moving to Kartra, I didn’t wanna continue paying for more and more people on my email list because I knew my list was gonna continue growing. 

I also knew that we had thousands of people who we probably should remove, but I didn’t know how to remove them.

And so, what we have done is we have just gone through this process of removing people from the email list. 

We sent an email just saying, “Hey, this is who we are, this is what we offer. If you’re not interested in this type of content anymore, click this”. “If you are interested in content like this, Click this”. 

And then that lets us know who wanted to be here, and who didn’t, and then we cleaned up our list that way.

And so for you, one of the reasons why you wanna clean up your email list is because you want the right people to get your content when you’re emailing.

You want the right people who are interested in you and what it is that you offer. 

You don’t want a bunch of random people on your email just to be there on your email list.

Just so you can say, I have 10,000 people or I have a hundred thousand people. 

No, we wanna have the right people in front of us at all times so that when we send an email, we get a hundred percent open rate or whatever.

When we are selling something we are selling to the right people that have said, “Hey, I want to be here and I wanna purchase this from you at some point”.

Does that make sense? 

And so I, if you have not taken a look at your database of people that are on your email list. 

Then I wanna challenge you this year, this first part of this year, to take some time and figure out how you can get the bulk of the people that don’t wanna be there off of your email list.

Now, this is not a task that I feel like you should do. 

I feel like you can actually hire someone to assist you with this. 

You can go on www.upwork.com  and then post a job for someone, email list clean up, or whatever your email system is, and then have them work with you on cleaning up your email list 

Again, so that when you’re sending out your newsletter, when you’re sending out your offers, you’re sending it out to your perfectly aligned list.

The people that say, I want Keenya, I want TikTok marketing, I want what Keenya has to offer and the way that she offers it.

I’m saying my name, but you know, you can insert yourself in the mix of that. 

And so that’s one of the things that you wanna do this year to kick off this year for yourself.

If you don’t really know how to do this, more than likely, you can probably go to YouTube and type in email list cleanup strategies or something like that.

Or if you send me an email, at [email protected], if I have a template or something, then I can send it to you.

Hopefully, I do, because I’m saying this and I could get a hundred or 200 messages from this. 

But if that interests you, you could just send me an email and I’ll try to send you a template of what we used. 

But you definitely wanna go ahead and clean up your email list. 

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