EP: 231 Common mistakes to avoid when starting a business

Are you on the cusp of making that life-changing decision to quit your job and plunge headfirst into the exciting world of entrepreneurship? Hold that thought! 
In our latest podcast episode, I share vital insights on why hitting the brakes 
could be your smartest move yet. This engaging discussion sheds light on the pitfalls of prematurely ditching your 9 to 5 and not strategically building a business. 

As we proceed, we venture into the nitty-gritty of building a thriving business. We explore how maintaining a steady income whilst nurturing your ambition can be the key to long-term success. The significance of having a robust marketing funnel becomes clear as we delve into its role in customer retention, even in the absence of immediate sales. Buckle up for strategic insights that can turn your entrepreneurial dream into a profitable reality.

Finally, we focus on the overlooked aspects that can be the game-changers of your entrepreneurial journey: client testimonials and process documentation. 
Witness as I unravel the power of effective customer follow-ups, the influential role of client testimonials and the strategic importance of documenting processes. 
Learn to navigate the challenging terrain of choosing a niche, identifying your target audience, and making smart financial decisions. Join me in this riveting discussion to learn from our collective mistakes and grow together in the realm of entrepreneurship.

Check out this episode today and start using your best social media platform to build a community!

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