#153 Do I need to be on ALL Social media platforms?

As the social media marketing landscape evolves, more and more entrepreneurs find themselves feeling pressured to show up on every single platform. Not only is that pressure overwhelming, but the truth is that it’s not even possible for some entrepreneurs to tackle posting on every platform while wearing multiple hats in their lives and businesses. That’s why today, Keenya is chatting about how you can expand your social media presence without burning out by tapping into the powerful too that is content repurposing.

In this episode, Keenya also discusses:

  • The power of simplifying systems in business
  • How she is simplifying content creation and distribution in her own business
  • How to easily outsource content repurposing
  • How to calculate the ROI associated with outsourcing a task like this in your business


This episode will help you get off of the “posting everywhere all of the time” hamster wheel so you can ditch burnout and create the white space in your day that will allow you to double down on your role as the CEO of your business.


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