Converting Reels Viewers Into Followers

Converting viewers into followers on Instagram is a task that is truly worth exploring as that is one of the reasons we spend so much time posting content on social media… right? While Reels is an amazing tool for visibility. its more important that you learn how to convert viewers into actual followers on your page. Here are my top 3 tips for doing so:
  1. When creating reels do 3 part series, that let people get the first tip on Day 1, but have to come back tomorrow for the rest. That will cause them to follow you so that they don’t miss the last 2 tips.
  2. In all of your videos create text that says, Follow for more videos like this.
  3. Create specific reels each day talking about what you do, how you can serve them and how often you create content to your page. That will cause them to follow you without you ever having to do so.
As simple as these tips seem, they do actually work for you and your business. Be sure to send me a DM on Instagram letting me see you implement these tips… as I wanna see it all working for you. If you’re new to Reels and want some help with creating them, enroll in our new mini course Reels for Beginners. It’s just $20 but everything you need to know to get started.

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